Saturday, January 24, 2015

January Goals

One thing I really want to start doing more consistently this year is set monthly goals.  I set some for January but haven't gotten around to posting them yet (surprise, surprise) so here they are:
  • Lose 5 pounds.  I had already lost 6.2 as of last Friday but I gained a little back this last week, with all the football parties (the Seahawks are headed back to the Superbowl!) and what-not.  As of right now I'm at the 5 pound mark (well, 4.8), so I just have to not gain any more back before the 1st.
  • Exercise 3 times per week.  I have not done this.  I get up at 6:00, get myself ready, get the girls ready for school, go to work, get home at 6:30, eat dinner, clean up dinner, read with the girls (they have to read/be read to 20 minutes every night), get them ready for bed and put them to bed and by then it's 8:30.  I really don't want to work out that late and then have to go immediately to bed after.  But I need to either start using the gym at work even just 1 or 2 nights a week and not get home until 8:00, or start going to the Y a few nights a week after dinner, but then I won't be home to help with the 20 minutes of reading.  But it would just be like 2 nights a week and then I can do something on the weekends.
  • Read 2 books.  Done.  I'm on #3.  I'm not one of those people who can read 20 books in a month.  Or go on vacation for a week and whiz though 4 or 5 books.  I'm just hoping to read at least 16 books this year.
  • Track all of our grocery spending.  I do this every once in awhile but haven't done it in a long time.  We recently got a freezer for our garage so we can stock up on stuff and make things ahead and what-not now that I'm working full time so I'm curious to see if our spending for this month will be a lot less than normal.
  • Create a budget.
    We've never really done this.  We done it kind of half-ass now and then but I really want to sit down and write it all out or make a spreadsheet and track every dollar and create an actual budget.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Christmas and New Year's Eve 2014

I survived my first Christmas as a working mother.  I didn't bake much, didn't finish my shopping until the weekend before Christmas, barely got cards out in time (at least I got them out!) and didn't finish wrapping until the 23rd, but I survived.  Actually, that was usually the case even when I wasn't working, so I guess it didn't make much difference.

It was my family's year to have us so we went to my one of my brother's and sister-in-law's house in Mount Vernon on Christmas Eve.  I actually had to work that day but got off around 1:00.  The girls had a blast playing with their 2nd cousins, as always.

On Christmas Day we did gifts and stockings with just the 4 of us, and later Paul's parents and sister, who was visiting from Colorado, came over.

Elsa and Barbie styling heads

Paul and I both had to work the next day so the girls went home with them and stayed there until Saturday and then we all met back up at some friends of theirs home for a gathering.  The girls and their Aunt Cheryl loved having extra time together and Paul and I got a rare date night and went to dinner at a new Thai place and saw the movie Unbroken.

For the 3rd year in a row some friends down the street whose daughter is one of the girls' best friends had a small New Year's Eve party at their house.  They play the east coast feed of the ball dropping (9:00 our time) so the kids can watch before going to bed.

Olivia, Savannah, Kayley

Happy New Year!