Friday, June 27, 2014

Summer Vacation Week 1

I enjoyed documenting every week of our summer break last year so I've decided to do the same thing again this year.  It's amazing how fast it goes and this year's summer break is about a week and half shorter so will go even faster.  Unfortunately, it will likely be less fun since I am now working 3 days a week and won't be able to do as much with the girls as in years past.

So, the first week of summer break was really only a half week.  Monday and Tuesday (the 16th and 17th) were the last two days of school.  Wednesday was my day off and I had hoped to do something fun with the girls, like the splash park or something, but the weather wasn't quite hot enough, and I needed to pack for Crescent Bar, so we just hung around home, I packed and they played with friends.  Thursday I worked while Paul was home with them, and after dinner we took off for Crescent Bar.  We spent the weekend there and came home Sunday afternoon.

The girls spent hours making rubber band bracelets with their CB friends, and made this awesome fort with a belly dancer hip scarf thing as a "doorbell".

"Girls only!  Shake 'doorbell' "

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Last Day of Kindergarten

Of course I'm late, but the girls' last day of Kindergarten was the 17th.  I meant to do another photo shoot like I did on the first day but since I also had to work that day I just didn't have time.  I managed to snap a few pics at the bus stop but that was it.  I did weigh and measure them the next day and Kayley was up about 6 pounds and an inch and a half in height, and Olivia was up about 4 pounds and also an inch and a half in height.

Kayley and good friend Abby

The whole crew at the bus stop.  Some of those are younger siblings.

The original plan was for Paul to pick them up from school and take them out to lunch or frozen yogurt or something to celebrate their last day, but one of their friend's mom was having a party at her house for all the girls in the class, so of course they wanted to go to that, so we went out to dinner instead at Red Robin.

A bunch of the girls from their class playing dress up.  Olivia is in the black/purple witch hat and Kayley is back row center in the pale blue princess dress holding a red spinny thing.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Bedroom Makeover Part One

We've been talking about painting the girl's room for a couple of years now, ever since they got their new beds and bedding.  So we finally got around to over Memorial Day weekend and I love it!  More importantly, they love it too.

We used Valspar Violet Sweet.  Then I rearranged the furniture and created a little nook.

I think it'd be really cute with a little pink chair in the corner or something, but for now it's just toys.

Here's a before of the furniture arrangement and the wall color is the same as from their baby days.

New furniture arrangement (excuse the naked bed--it's sheet washing day for Kayley)

I found this cute over-the-door hook thing at Home Goods

and this picture at Ross.

Funny how different the wall color looks this close up!

I'm still looking for curtains.  I want something sheer, either white, pink or light green with some sparkles or something.  Then we need to put up a white ledge shelf that I've had forever and some wall art and we should be done.