Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Chillin' at Home

I've never been one of those SAHMs that has to "get out of the house" or go somewhere every day.  Some days, of course, but not every single day.  I think because, when the girls were younger, it was such a pain to go anywhere (still is, but not AS much).  Plus, there is always plenty to do around the house, whether it's cleaning or something more fun like scrapbooking, so it's not that easy to get bored, and we did go for lots of walks until they got to an age where they no longer tolerate the stroller for any length of time.  Anyway, now that the girls are older I do find myself wanting to get out with them more than I used to.  But Mondays have become my stay-home-and-clean-house days.  All the clutter and laundry and what-not that accumulated over the weekend gets tackeled on Mondays.  So yesterday I cleaned like a madwoman.  Today I wanted to take them to the play area at the mall but they haven't been feeling well the last few days so I think we need to stay home again.  Therefore I've decided that I'm just going to do nothing but play with the girls, sip coffee and watch Regis and Kelly and the View (and I'll probably toss in another load of laundry and do my workout at some point).   I never do this (we're either going somewhere or if we're home I alternate playing with them and doing housework) so it might be kind of fun.  If we get too bored we'll go for a drive.

Friday, March 26, 2010


I baked cupcakes yesterday for Paul's birthday and couldn't resist letting the girls lick the beaters/spatula.  Too cute.  And this was just frosting, not cake batter with raw eggs.  Not that I've ever gotten sick or died from eating raw cookie dough or cake batter in my 41 years but still.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

One of Those Really Hard Days

Today was free pastry day at Starbucks.  I wasn't going to pass that up!  When we got there and I went to put Olivia in the stroller she threw a fit and wouldn't have anything to do with it.  I hate that I can't just walk in there with them on foot but a) they'd be off in two different directions once we got inside and b) I can't hold both their hand plus my hot beverage to walk back to the car.  So, I have to use the stroller just to go into Starbucks for a latte.  One of the reasons I hardly ever go (the other being we can't afford $4.00 lattes very often).  Anyway, not wanting to cause a scene, I decided just to carry her while I pushed Kayley in the stroller.  So there I was, pushing one in a double stroller while carrying the other, and trying to get through the doors of Starbucks.  It's hard enough just pushing the double-wide stroller through the doors (I have to pull it, actually, while using my body to open one door and my free hand to open the other), but doing that while holding a toddler is even harder.  And NO ONE in the long line of people offered any assistance.  Grrr.  Although, once I was finally in the guy in front of me did apologize for not paying attention and helping.  Whatever. 

So I finally got in and out of there and would have loved to just sit at a table outside as it was a goregous day.  But, they were both rejecting the stroller (Kayley was in but wanting out real badly) and there was no way I could just let them free--they'd have been running all over the parking lot in two different directions.  I also would have liked to take a walk up and down our retail strip and maybe stop at the park along the way. But nope.  Wasn't going to happen.  So back in the car and home we went.

Once home, I thought maybe I could bribe them with snacks to let me take them for a walk in that evil stroller.  It worked!  I would have tried that in the first place but I was planning on sharing my pastry with them.  They ended up not wanting any, however, but goldfish in their snacks cups was a successful diversion and off we went.  On our way back, we stopped at the park and played.  Then came another one of those "twins are so hard" moments.  It was time to leave.  Olivia had pooped and it was almost lunch time.  But getting two toddlers to leave a park can be a bit challenging.  I ended up carrying Kayley down the hill to the road while I pushed the empty stroller and Olivia walked.  When we got to the road I put her down, but she started walking back toward the park while Olivia was walking toward home.  I had to stop and put the brake on the stroller so I could run after Kayley and then go run after Olivia, but as I pushed the brake down with my foot it got stuck and I fell.  I got up and ran after Kayley then quickly turned around and ran the other way after Olivia, all the while neighbors across the street witnessing the whole ordeal.  I then forced them to ride in the stroller and they both of course threw a huge screaming fit.  It was a nightmare.  I was almost in tears afterwards, simply because I get so tired of not being able to do "normal" things.  I'm jealous of the moms who can go to Starbucks and sit outside and only have one kid to worry about (and maybe an older kid or a baby who isn't mobile yet--you know what I mean).  Ok, vent over.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Green Thumbs

We had a great weekend.  The weather was great and Paul and the girls did some yard work.  The girls had an absolute blast playing in the dirt! 

Digging is fun!

Later, I had my monthly (ish) girls' night out with some friends.  I left early to do some shopping (you know, ALONE) and then we met for happy hour at Daniel's Broiler in Bellevue (21 stories up with cool views of Bellevue and Seattle).  It was awesome.

Friday, March 19, 2010


The girls are on this kick.  They will beg me for something, usually apple juice or milk, and when I offer it to them they refuse it!  It's driving. me. NUTS!  Today, Kayley saw a box of cereal bars on the counter.  She asked for one.  I already had one open that I had offered Olivia earlier, so I grabbed it and offered it to her.  "No!" she exclaimed, pointing at the box and doing her little pouty dance.
"It's the SAME THING," I tried to explain.  But she kept demanding one from the box.  Grrr...
I just threw the unwrapped one on the floor and walked away.  A few minutes later I noticed her eating it.  Sigh.  And heaven forbid if juice or milk isn't offered in the right cup!  They'll ask for juice or milk, I'll try to give them some but if it's in a different cup than usual they'll think it's something else (water) and refuse it.  "APPLE JUICE!", they'll scream.  "This IS apple juice", I'll expain.  "AAAAAPPLE JUUUUUUICE..." they'll retort, while pushing the apple juice away...

Monday, March 15, 2010

Wedding Weight

So I'm back at this whole weight loss thing.  Not that I'm never not "at it", I just sometimes am more "at it" than other times.  I was all gung-ho several weeks ago but then the girls' birthday came and with it cake, chips, etc.  I tried to make a fresh start last Monday but darn if it's not Easter Candy Season and I succumbed to the beackoning of those scrumptious Cadbury mini eggs.  I did, however, resist the call of the Cadbury Creme Egg which is my absolute favorite Easter candy and can only be described as a preview of what awaits me in Heaven.  Sigh.  Anyway, in the 2 weeks following the girls' birthday I gained 4 1/2 pounds of the 8 (well, 7.8) I had lost since the beginning of the year.  So this last Saturday the 13th, which was exactly 2 months before our anniversary, I got back on the wagon.  I was hoping to be down to my wedding weight by then but that would require a loss of 10 pounds and I'm pretty sure I can't lose that much in just under 9 weeks.  So I'll settle for 7, which would put me at my lowest post-baby weight to date.

You know what's pathetic, though?  I mean, besides gaining 4 1/2 pounds in 2 weeks?  On the girls' birthday a year ago I was only 5 pounds over my wedding weight (and 7 under my pre-pregnancy weight.  Whoo-hoo!) and STILL couldn't lose it in the 2 1/2 months between their birthday and our anniversary.  Grrr.  One of these days...

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Books I Need

I was browsing Amazon.com today and the following titles caught my eye:

Do you get where I'm going with this?  Now, if only they had one called, "Hair is Not for Pulling" I'd be set!

Friday, March 5, 2010

A Day in the Life of a SAHM of Twins

Today at Kelly's Korner the topic of the week is What Is Your Typical Day Like.  I always love this question and am amazed by other SAHMs (by choice or otherwise) who worry about how to fill their days.  Trust me, I don't even have to TRY.  The below is very general, but there is plenty going on to fill in the gaps, like never-ending laundry and other housework.

First of all, I'm awakened at 5:30 when Paul gets up for work.  Then I kind of doze off and on until he leaves at 6:30.  Sometimes I fall back asleep until the girls wake up, sometimes I can't.   If I can't get back to sleep I'll get up and have some alone time on the computer before they get up, which is really nice!  Otherwise...

7:30 - The girls wake me up.  They get sippy cups of milk, diaper changes and play.

8:30 - Breakfast

9:00 -10:00  Clean up from breakfast, get everyone dressed.

10:00 - 12:00 - Play, read books, color, etc.  Once or twice a week I'll run errands at this time.  On Wednesdays we go to storytime at the library from 9:30-10:00.  Some days we go to the indoor playground or the mall play area, either just us or on a playdate.  Most days I try to do my workout during this time if we're not going anywhere that day, or sometimes I do it first and then go.

12:00 or 12:15 - lunch

12:40 - 1:00  They watch the Elmo's World portion of Sesame Street on TV while I clean up from lunch.

1:15 or 1:30 - 3:30 or 4:00 - My favorite part of the day--nap time!  I usually spend most of nap time on the computer playing Cafe World and Farmville on Facebook, blogging, message boards, etc.  I also usually read for awhile and sometimes I'll actually do some housework.  Then there are usually 2 or 3 days a week that Kayley doesn't nap, so all this goes out the window.

3:30 - 5:00 - The girls get a snack after their nap, and then we play until dinnertime.  If it's nice out we'll play outside or go to the park.

5:00 - Paul entertains the girls while I start dinner.

6:00 - Dinner

7:00- 8:00 - Play

8:00 - 9:00 - Get ready for bed:  Bath (every 2 or 3 nights), jammies, brush teeth, read books.

9:00 - Bedtime for the girls.  Paul and I will take turns on the computer or watch TV for awhile, then he goes to bed around 10:00 and I usually stay up until 10:30 or 11:00 reading, on the computer, or watching TV.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Spring Fever

We've been having a stretch of unseasonably warm weather lately so the girls an I have been playing outside almost every day.  A few days ago my favorite tree bloomed.

Monday, March 1, 2010

2nd Birthday

Saturday was the girls' 2nd birthday party.  It went great but getting the cake and cupcakes baked and decorated turned out to be more challenging than I had anticipated.  It started Friday morning around 10:30.  I whipped up a chocolate cake batter from scratch that called for red food coloring.  I've never baked a cake from scratch before so when I added the red food coloring I was alarmed at just how red the batter was.  No biggie, except that I really wanted a regular brown chocolate cake.  So I decided to put that batter in two round pans instead of the Elmo pan and start over.  As it turns out, the red cake turned out great and was of course a normal brown color (a reddish brown but still brown) but I didn't want to chance it.  So I mixed up a boxed cake mix and put that in the Elmo pan and baked that instead.

Then, I baked some vanilla cupcakes from scratch because the Elmo cake wasn't going to be big enough to serve everyone.  That was easy enough but I ended up using all of my powdered sugar to frost those and  had none left to make the frosting for Elmo.  And when I went to to store later that evening to get last minute things for the party I totally spaced that I had run out of  powdered sugar.  So I got home around 8:15 and start getting the girls ready for bed and after they went to bed around 9:00 I went to go decorate Elmo and...AHHHH!!!  Shoot.   So back in the car I went and drove to the store just down the street, only to discover they had closed at 9:00 (it was about 9:25).  So I tried the neighborhood convenience store.  They had one tiny box that wouldn't have been nearly enough.  So I had to drive to Safeway in North Bend (about 10 minutes away) and while there decided that in addition to powdered sugar I needed a bottle of red wine (although I never did end up opening it but it sounded good at the time!).  I got back home around 9:45 or so and finally got started on Elmo.  By the time I finished decorating him and cleaning up it was midnight and I was exhausted, having been at this for approximately 13 1/2 hours!  I did break for dinner and took a few other short breaks but still.

Anyway, the party itself went great and the girls received so many nice gifts.  It's hard to believe I have a couple of two-year-olds!  Wow.  So weird.  Last year at this time we were just transitioning from formula to whole milk, Kayley was still bald and had just started walking and Olivia wasn't quite walking yet.  Amazing.

The Elmo Cake

The Balloons

The Dollhouse

Olivia eating Elmo cake

Opening presents

Kayley eating Elmo cake

Birth Day 2-28-08

First Birthday 2-28-09