Tuesday, January 25, 2011


The girls and I had been spending entirely too much time couped up at home lately.  First we all had colds right around Christmas time, then we got a bunch of snow that hung around for several days, then we've just had a bunch of cold, rainy days, etc.  We finally started getting out more a few weeks ago with playdates to the Indoor Playground (a godsend this time of year!) and KidzBounce, the latter of which was way more fun this time because it was much less crowded and the girls we're much more brave about exploring all the different bouncy houses whereas last time they would only do one slide and wanted me to go with them all the time.  We also had a fun playdate last Friday at a coffee/doughnut shop near our house that I'd been wanting to try that has a nice play area for kids.  One of those things that if I'd of known about it sooner I totally would have gone there a long time ago.  It's always great to find new things to do with the girls.

Anyway, one day last week was actually sunny and we donned sunglasses and went to the park!  It was, quite literally, a breath of fresh air!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Birthday Weekend

Monday is my birthday, so I decided that today I would finally use a Spa Finder gift card, one of two Paul gave me for Christmas like 4 years ago, to get a much needed (and, frankly,) deserved massage.  Ahhh, can't wait!

From Google Images

My friend Jerri and I are going to have coffee first and then head to the spa, and then maybe grab a cupcake after.  Then tonight, we're going out with some other girlfriends for our monthly girls' night out.

Paul and I have to do a daytime outing tomorrow since that's the only time we could get a babysitter, not that we tried very hard.  We are going to lunch and then making our annual trip to the movie theather (ha ha)!  I think we're going to see The Dilema, since I love Vince Vaughn and I don't think Paul would be the least bit interested in Black Swan or Blue Valentine (one of which the girls and I might see tonight).  It should be a fun weekend.  I'm really looking foward to the spa, a night out with the girls, and seeing a movie in a theater for once.

Friday, January 21, 2011

C25K Week 7 (again)

A week or two before Christmas I was only one workout away from completing C25K.  But with the craziness of the holidays and all, I never finished it, because on the occasions that I did make it to the gym I wasn't able or motivated enough to run the whole 30 minutes, what with all the cookie consumption and weight gain and all.  So at the beginning of the year, I picked up in week 6 and re-started from there.  It took me until earlier this week to work back up to the 25 minutes required at the end of week 6 and now I am in week 7 (out of 9).  With any luck I will finally complete the program sometime in early February.

As usual, I started off the new year all gung-ho and motivated to lose weight but I've only managed to lose 2 pounds (that includes the usual re-gain of a pound or so and subsequent re-loss).  Pretty disappointing, given that January is usually my best month and I'm usually good for 5 or 6 pounds.  Oh well.  This weekend will be full of birthday celebrations (girls' night Saturday night and out with Paul on Sunday.  Actual birthday is Monday) so once that is all behind me I'll hopefully get back on track and have a good February.  Then again, there's the Super Bowl, Valentine's Day, the girls' birthday (cake!) the Oscars...

Friday, January 7, 2011

Potty Training Fiasco

Earlier this week, we attempted 3 Day potty training.  It was a disaster!  The premise is this:  you pick a day to start, build it up in advance by saying things like, "you're going to wear big girl underwear" and "you're getting so big you're not going to need diapers anymore", etc., then when the Big Day arrives, have them watch and/or help you throw away all the diapers, take them to the potty, dress them in big girl underpants (no Pull-ups or "training pants" of any kind) and pull-on pants (easy to pull up and down, vs. anything with a zipper and snap) and basically live in the bathroom for 3 days straight.

Monday was Day 1.  I skipped the ceremonious diaper throw-away (good thing) and just took them to the potty and got them dressed in their new Dora underwear.  A little while later I took them both to the potty again but they didn't need (or want) to go.  We had breakfast.  Just as I was about to take them again, they both wet themselves.  Rinse and repeat.  About 15 more times.  Kayley was doing just a little bit better than Olivia, so I decided it would be best to just concentrate on her and Olivia was back in diapers by noon.

By the end of day one, Kayley had gone through about 8 changes of clothes (I don't know, I didn't really keep track, but it was a lot) and I wasn't about to put them to bed without a diaper on, despite what the book says about "confusing" them.

On Day 2, I kept just missing, again.  I would be just about to take her and she would pee in her pants.  After about 4 or 5 times of that, I actually got to her in time, put her on the potty and she wouldn't go.  Not 2 minutes later, wet pants!  That was it, and back in diapers she went.

I'm sure the author (of the book Potty Train in 3 Days) would say that I gave up too soon, I instilled doubt in them by putting them back in diapers, etc, but I just couldn't take it anymore.  I was almost in tears, feeling like a HUGE failure, because I've read so many success stories from others and also because according to the author, if this method doesn't work your child(ren) either has a learning disability (such as ADHD) or is just "willfully noncompliant...due to the parents' failure to require cooperation in any other area of her life."  My girls are very compliant (ok, sometimes compliant) in other areas, so I don't think it's that.  And I really don't think they have ADHD, as they could sit in front of the TV all day if I let them.  So, what the...?

I will admit that I didn't follow it TO THE T, but still.  I didn't make a big deal about throwing away the diapers, and I have a bad habit of asking them if they want/need to go potty, which you're not supposed to do.  But I would take them anyway, even if they said no, so I don't think that had much to do with it.  I think I really just needed to take her even more frequently.  I honestly think I pretty much needed to not leave her side all day, whereas I was still going about my daily chores, etc. and ended up waiting too long in-between attempts (hard to believe 20 minutes is too long, but then again I sometime pee every 5 minutes, like if I've had a diet coke or lots of water).

Anyway, we're going to take a break for awhile and try again in early February.  Not sure if we'll try the 3 Day method again, or just try something else.  Grrrr...