Friday, April 27, 2012

Never Again

That's it.  I've said it many times before, but this time I mean it.  I am never going to Costco with the girls again.  We went today.  I grabbed a cart and immediately, they both wanted to ride in the back (main part of the cart where you put all your stuff) instead of the child seats in front (and btw, thank you Costco for having carts that hold TWO kids, instead of just one.  I wish more stores had that).  So I put them in, but the cart was too hard to steer and I hadn't even begun to fill it yet.  So I made them sit in the front.  But Kayley started whining that her leg hurt (from the metal bar, I guess) so I tried putting them in the main part again but had them sit further toward the front.  That worked for awhile, but eventually they both insisted on walking.  But they tried to walk right in front of me, helping me push the cart, and that was really hard, and then they wanted to hang off the side.  When they did just walk, they were always lagging behind or getting in people's way or whatever.  It was awful.  We finally managed to get what we needed and get the heck out of there, and then we all shared a chocolate/vanilla twist frozen yogurt.  I hope they enjoyed it, because it'll be awhile before they go back!

Fitness Friday - C25K Week 7

I'm down 1.4 pounds.  I was kind of surprised because once again, I didn't try very hard.  I finally got my act together just yesterday (as far as diet).  I also need to increase my workouts.  I've pretty much just been doing the 3 C25K workouts/week and that's it.  I need to add in some more walking or the 30 Day Shred DVD or something.  Here's what I did this week:

Saturday:  C25K week 6 day 3.  Turns out I was supposed to run 25 minutes, which is what I had always thought since I first learned about the program, but then I thought I read somewhere recently that said it was 22 minutes, which would make sense, since the run before was 20 and week 7 is 25 all week.  Anyway, I ran for almost 24 because I wanted to finish the song and I thought I was awesome for making it past the required time but turns out I cheated a tiny bit.  Oh well.  But this was the day that I realized that if I really wanted to, I could probably run the whole 3.1, or at least a full 30 minutes for now and then the 3.1 very soon.  My dream of being able to run all the way around Greenlake is finally going to happen, assuming I keep this up and then can find a decent Saturday morning to drive there and try.

Monday:  C25K week 7 day 1.  25 minutes for real, but I think I did 26.

Wednesday:  C25K week 7 day 2.  Again, I went a little over and did 27.  Made up for Saturday.  I've thought about jumping to week 9 but I think I'll just stick to the program and keep building up gradually.  We'll see.

Today or tomorrow:  C25K week 7 day 3.  Last of the 25-minute runs and then on to 28s next week.

I haven't done any strength training all week.  I need to get back to that and add in some walks or something on non-C25K days.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Productive Day

I mentioned yesterday how I was so behind on housework because of the great weather luring us outside.  Today was cloudy and much cooler so I took advantage and cleaned like a madwoman while the girls watched entirely too much TV.  I dusted and vacuumed the entire house, cleaned 2 of our 3 bathrooms plus the sink/counter of the 3rd, swept the kitchen floor, picked up/straightened the entire house and did a couple loads of laundry.  Somewhere in there I managed to play a game with the girls as well as color, read a story and play hide and seek.  We did make it out for a quick trip to Target, also.

Paul wasn't home for dinner so I decided to take the night off from cooking.  This was our dinner.  At least I made a big salad to go with it :)

Now I'm relaxing in my nice, clean house, enjoying it while I can, because first thing tomorrow morning it will once again look like a tornado blew through...

Monday, April 23, 2012


We had another fabulous sunny weekend.  I had intended to do all kinds of planting but never got around to it.  We mostly just played outside with the girls.  Paul got the lawn mowed and did a little weeding, though.

Today was another beautiful day as well.  I took the girls to a park in North Bend that we'd never been to and we had a picnic.  They also got to ride see-saws for the first time.  How often do you see those anymore?  That was fun.  I can't believe we're actually having a spring.  This is so nice.  I'm really behind on housework, though, because we've mostly been outside!

We saw this tree stump and decided it's where the Lorax lives.

Pretty view

And today Olivia decided to accesorize Maisy.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Fill in the Blank Friday

1.   Today is a great day because it's family movie night with Puss in Boots and popcorn.
2.   Tomorrow I will  do yardwork and other projects.
3.   My favorite time of day is  morning because  I love to sip my coffee while watching the Today Show or checking Facebook.
4.  Sometimes you just have to  try again tomorrow.
5.  A song that I just can't get enough of lately is "We are Young" by Fun.
6.  My favorite accessory is a cute purse.
7.   My favorite thing about this week was   taking the girls to the bouncy place.

Fitness Friday

I didn't lose any weight this week (well, 0.2 but that hardly counts) but I didn't really try, either.  I was still working on getting rid of the last of the Easter candy and just not very motivated.  It's so weird.  Sometimes I am SO motivated and eat perfectly and exercise most days and can resist candy and chocolate and cookies and you name it for several days in a row, sometimes 2 or 3 weeks, but it never lasts more than a few weeks (even if I allow for the occasional treat), and usually not more than 4 or 5 days.  I don't know why.  Well, yes I do.  I'm a sugar addict.  Pure and simple.

Anyway, I didn't eat that great but I rocked on C25K.  Last Friday I did week 5 day 3, which is the "big" 20 minute run, and I did it with relative ease and even did an extra 3 minutes just 'cause I wanted to finish the song.  Monday I did week 6 day 1 plus some strength and Wednesday I did week 6 day 2 plus some strength.  Tomorrow I'll do week 6 day 3 which is 22 minutes.  I'm looking forward to it, especially since it should be nice enough to run outside.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Blah Day and Weekend Plans

Today was one of those blah days where we just quite never made it out of the house.  I had intended to go to Target and the grocery store but had so much to do around the house and the girls were playing nicely, for the most part, so I just decided it could wait until tomorrow.  Meanwhile, we've been doing some other fun stuff in recent days.  We had a really good stretch of good weather last week so we went to a few different parks, including this one with a train that we hadn't been to since last summer.

 Tuesday we used up our Living Social voucher for 3-2-1 Bounce (3rd of 3 sessions). 

It's supposed to be another nice weekend (that'll make THREE in a row--so rare for April!) so I'm hoping to plant some flowers in our flowerboxes on the front of our house and other miscellaneous yard work.

The girls got scooters for Christmas, but they still need to be assembled, so hopefully we'll get that done this weekend.

We also still need to paint the girls' room as part of the new beds/redecorating project, but I haven't had time to look through the swatches and decide on a color.  I want to narrow it down to two or three shades (we're going with purple) and then get samples.  Maybe I'll have a better chance of actually liking the color once it's on the wall that way.  I've had bad luck choosing paint colors so far.

And, hopefully, we'll bbq...

Friday, April 13, 2012

Fitness Friday

Damn Easter candy.  I'm up 3 pounds.  I was so good about staying out of the candy last Friday, Saturday, Easter Sunday, Monday and most of Tuesday, but Tuesday evening I finally gave in and had a mini binge.  Then Wednesday the floodgates were opened and I all-out binged, and kept it up yesterday in an effort to just get rid of it.  Sigh.  Oh well, it's almost gone and I'm feeling a little more motivated after today's weigh-in, so hopefully I can turn things around this week.

As for workouts, I did C25K week 5 day 1 plus extra walking on Monday, week 5 day 2 plus extra walking and weights on Wednesday. and tonight I will do "the big run" that is week 5 day 3:  5 minute warm-up walk and then 20 minutes straight of running.  Hope I can make it.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

A Sunny Easter

We had a great Easter.  Miraculously, the weather was beautiful!  I mean, seriously, there are 4 days a year around here that one can pretty much GUARANTEE bad weather:  Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day and...Easter.  But today, it was sunny and in the high 60s.  We were actually able to have our egg hunt outside!  Woot!

Anyway, the day started with us (Hubby and I) getting up around 6:30 (ugh) and showering, getting dressed/ready, etc.  At 7:50 the girls still weren't up, so I woke them up which was going to be hard until I mentioned the Easter baskets that were waiting for them.  They were so excitied.

Olivia's Easter Basket (she had JUST woke up)

Happy to get a Jessie (Toy Story) doll

She really wanted a recorder, for some reason

Kayley checking out her Easter basket

After Easter baskets, it was a mad rush to get to church, but for once we were not only on time but had time to spare.  We went to the 2nd of 3 services, and for the 3rd service I was supposed to help in the girls' sunday school class but they were overstaffed so we were able to leave early to head up to MV to my brother and sister-in-law's house.  The girls just love getting together with their 2nd cousins and they had so much fun playing outside on the tree swings and their outdoor playhouse.  It was a fun day.

Olivia in her Easter Dress

Kayley in her Easter Dress

Hunting eggs

Kayley, Olivia and Taylor

Saturday, April 7, 2012


I've mentioned before that where we live has only three seasons:  fall, winter and a very short summer that starts like clockwork on precisely July 5th.  We don't have spring.  Well, if a few qualifying days here and there over the period of 3 months constitutes a season, then I guess we do but in my book a few scattered days doesn't count.  Anyway, I'm sure this year will be no different, but today?  Today we had spring!

I did my C25K week 4 day 3 workout OUTSIDE, which was so nice, and we did yardwork, ate lunch outside,

took turns running errands with just one of the girls, and we're going to bbq tonight for dinner.  I hope it stays nice through tomorrow so we can have our Easter egg hunt outside.

Happy Easter!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Fitness Friday

I had a great week.  I'm down 3.8 pounds.  I said I was going to really limit bread/potatoes/rice/pasta and sweets, but I ate left-over turkey spinach lasagna (at least it was whole grain lasagna) one night and some ravioli another night.  Oops.

I started back up with the Couch to 5K program, in week 4, doing week 4 day 1 on Monday and week 4 day 2 on Wednesday (plus extra walking both days to total at least 30 minutes of cardio).  I also did some strength training those days, went for a walk Tuesday and did the 30 Day Shred today.  I'm planning on doing week 4 day 3 of C25K tomorrow.

My focus this upcoming week?  Break the cycle and don't gain anything back!

Being a Mom of all Girls

I'm linking up with Kelly's Korner again today for a post about being the mom of all girls.

I always wanted 3 kids.  Preferably 2 girls and a boy.  I thought it would be fun to have 2 girls close in age so they could be best friends and then have a boy in there, too, either first or last.  Just like the Conners from the show "Roseanne".
Then I reached my mid-30s still single with endo/fertility issues and knew that dream was shot (although, turns out, it really wasn't).  I decided I'd be ecstatic to just have one of anything.

Then I finally got married and after several fertility treatments including IVF, got pregnant with twins.  I was hoping for at least one girl.  I thought a girl would be more fun to dress and I wanted to be able to buy Barbies and Polly Pockets and princess stuff.  Boy/girl twins would have been really cool, but the nice thing about them being the same gender was that it made decorating the nursery easier.

I would have loved to have a third, and maybe I would have been able to realize my dream of 2 girls and a boy, or, just as great, had another girl with plenty of hand-me-downs, but we just really can't afford another, especially since we'd have to do a frozen embryo transfer (FET) and there's a good chance it wouldn't even work.  So, I am forever the mom of 2 girls.  And it's awesome.