Monday, April 23, 2012


We had another fabulous sunny weekend.  I had intended to do all kinds of planting but never got around to it.  We mostly just played outside with the girls.  Paul got the lawn mowed and did a little weeding, though.

Today was another beautiful day as well.  I took the girls to a park in North Bend that we'd never been to and we had a picnic.  They also got to ride see-saws for the first time.  How often do you see those anymore?  That was fun.  I can't believe we're actually having a spring.  This is so nice.  I'm really behind on housework, though, because we've mostly been outside!

We saw this tree stump and decided it's where the Lorax lives.

Pretty view

And today Olivia decided to accesorize Maisy.

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