Monday, February 24, 2014

Birthday Week

Friday is the girls' birthday. We are taking them to Great Wolf Lodge Thursday night (Friday is their normal non-school Friday).  And because we are taking them there we weren't going to do a party, but of course they really wanted one, almost bad enough to forego GWL, so we compromised by having a simple slumber party (pizza, cake, popcorn and a movie, done.  No decorations or games or anything).  That will be Saturday night.

Meanwhile, the girls were on mid-winter break last week so on Thursday I took them up to MV to visit my mom, and on the way back I took them to Build-a-Bear Workshop.  My dad and stepmom are down in Arizona and sent money for me to shop for them (so much easier than shipping something) so Build-a-Bear was their present from Grandma and Grandpa.  Olivia got Hello Kitty and Kayley got My Little Pony's Twilight Sparkle.  Super cute.

On Saturday the in-laws came over for dinner.  I baked a simple cherry chip cake (from a mix) and decorated it with some Hello Kitty stuff we already had.

On Thursday, since they don't have school this Friday, they will have a little party in class so I'm bringing cupcakes, then I have to bake another cake for their slumber party on Saturday.  I feel like Elaine Benes with all her office party cakes.  Except I LOVE cake, it's my favorite food in the whole world (more specifically, buttercream frosting), so I don't really care, except it doesn't really go too well with my weight loss efforts.  Sigh.

Yesterday we took the girls sledding.  We all had a blast.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

I guess I never did this

And I don't think I'm doing it right.  I'll figure it out...

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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Valentine's Day, Penguins and Weekly Goals Update

This is late, but last week I mentioned that my goal for the week was to workout at least 3 times.  Here's how it went.  Kayley got sick on Super Bowl Sunday and didn't go to school on Monday (the 3rd).  I can't remember what I did Monday late afternoon/early evening (when I normally would've gone to the gym), but I didn't go to the gym for some reason.  Then Tuesday both girls were sick and stayed home from school, so I ended up grocery shopping Tuesday during my normal gym time.  Wednesday I actually did go to the gym, so that was one out of three.  Thursday evening I volunteered for the book fair at the girls' school, and Friday is our Bible study night but even though we didn't go since the girls were just getting better and we were tired from all the middle of the night wake-ups all week I still didn't go to the gym (because, like I said, I was tired).  I didn't go Saturday either because I had so much I wanted to do that I didn't get to do all week with them being sick and home from school (one or the other or both were home the entire week, except Friday was their normal Friday off).

SO, while I was going to have a different goal for this week (but still try to workout regularly, of course), I had the same goal instead:  Workout a minimum of 3 times.  I went to the gym Monday and Wednesday but that was it.  School was cancelled on Monday because of snow (there was none in our neighborhood and I don't think there was much around their school but they were being extra cautious because I guess the one day back in December that it really did snow and they probably should have cancelled school 3 teachers got in car accidents on the way to school), on Wednesday they had an Antarctica fair at school (read their penguin reports for the parents and had a special snack) and Thursday I volunteered in their class, so I only had Tuesday and Friday to do whatever and I was really behind from them being home all week last week (so chose not to go to the gym during school).  I should have gone today but I'm still in catch up mode.

Anyway, I'm going to once again shoot for 3 workouts next week, but my official goal for the week is just to eat healthier and stick to my calorie budget (~1500/day).  Between having baked treats for our Sunday School class at church last week and Valentine's day treats it was a bad week of too much crap, so I'm going to focus on getting back on track with diet.

But enough of that.  Yesterday for Valentine's day we got a rare date night.  Paul's parents babysat and we went to an early dinner at Boxley's.  Unfortunately, the live music didn't start until 7:00 and our reservation was for 5:00 because we only made it just earlier this week, so we missed out on that and that was the main reason we picked that restaurant.  So after dinner we went to the Salish Lodge at Snoqualmie Falls instead and had a glass of wine in their lounge.  It was a nice evening.

I got this pretty bouquet of flowers and some chocolate, and I gave Paul a box of his favorite See's chocolates. 

Grandma made the girls this cute candy bouquet.

Kayley's award for her penguin report

Olivia's award

Kayley giving her report

Kayley's report

Olivia giving her report

Olivia's report

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Goals for February

I meant to do a New Year's Resolution post but never quite finished it.  It's the same every year, though:  lose weight.  I did great the first week and a half and then fell apart, like usual.  But I managed to finish the month just a teeny bit under what I started at, even though I initially lost more.  Anyway, here are my goals for February:

1.  Watch the Seahawks WIN the Superbowl!
2.  Lose 4 pounds.
3.  Set weekly goals (i.e. make it to the gym 3 times) and write about them here.

So, to get things started, my goal for this coming week will be to workout a minimum of 3 times.