Monday, February 24, 2014

Birthday Week

Friday is the girls' birthday. We are taking them to Great Wolf Lodge Thursday night (Friday is their normal non-school Friday).  And because we are taking them there we weren't going to do a party, but of course they really wanted one, almost bad enough to forego GWL, so we compromised by having a simple slumber party (pizza, cake, popcorn and a movie, done.  No decorations or games or anything).  That will be Saturday night.

Meanwhile, the girls were on mid-winter break last week so on Thursday I took them up to MV to visit my mom, and on the way back I took them to Build-a-Bear Workshop.  My dad and stepmom are down in Arizona and sent money for me to shop for them (so much easier than shipping something) so Build-a-Bear was their present from Grandma and Grandpa.  Olivia got Hello Kitty and Kayley got My Little Pony's Twilight Sparkle.  Super cute.

On Saturday the in-laws came over for dinner.  I baked a simple cherry chip cake (from a mix) and decorated it with some Hello Kitty stuff we already had.

On Thursday, since they don't have school this Friday, they will have a little party in class so I'm bringing cupcakes, then I have to bake another cake for their slumber party on Saturday.  I feel like Elaine Benes with all her office party cakes.  Except I LOVE cake, it's my favorite food in the whole world (more specifically, buttercream frosting), so I don't really care, except it doesn't really go too well with my weight loss efforts.  Sigh.

Yesterday we took the girls sledding.  We all had a blast.

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