Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Weigh-in Wednesday - Up and Down

Pretty Strong Medicine

So 2 weeks ago I skipped my weigh-in because of slacking off and then last week I skipped the weekly post altogether.  But I've since turned things around and am back on track.

I've logged 2 good work outs so far this week.  On Monday I did C25K week 3 day 1 plus extra walking to equal 30 total minutes of cardio and then I did chest, shoulders and triceps.  Yesterday I did day 2 of C25K week 3 and legs.  Paul will be getting home later than usual for the rest of this week so I'm hoping the weather will cooperate so that I can just walk/run outside, as I won't have time to go to squeeze in the gym before dinner with him getting home later, or I could go after dinner but I don't really like to.

So, after losing 7 pounds in April, I have since gained 8 (that's right-EIGHT) and lost 5.  OK, I probably didn't really gain 8.  That's what the scale said last Thursday but the very next day I was down 2.6 or 2.8 or something, so whatever.  That always happens after I've been "bad".  Anyway, I am now down just 4 pounds since the beginning of April.  Oh well, at least I'm down.  And I'm back on track, for now, so hopefully I will soon re-lose those other 3 and then a few more before my next set-back.  Sigh.

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Unknown said...

The scale is a crazy mofo. I was up ELEVEN pounds after 2 days. I celebrated my birthday and apparently gained that much. It's down most of that now though. You can't always trust that crazy thing!

Way to get back on track- nice work outs :)