Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Aruba Honeymoon

7 years ago today our honeymoon in Aruba was coming to an end.  When we got married I wasn't blogging yet so last year on our anniversary I did a post about our wedding and meant to do our honeymoon also but never got around to it, so I've decided to finally do one this year.

During our week in Aruba, we mostly just hung out on the beach or by the pool, but we did do a snorkeling trip, a horseback ride, a "booze cruise", and a drive around the entire island.

About 3 days into our stay, we discovered that our hotel room had its own private terrace upstairs ("Huh...I wonder where these stairs go...Oh!  Look at this!), complete with a BBQ and food prep area and a hot tub.  We never did use the hot tub because it was just too hot except for maybe really late at night and then we were tired.

Iguana by our pool

Not our hotel, but nice pool

Waterfall in front of some other hotel

Setting out on a horseback ride

Swimming hole we rode to


Us on a snorkeling trip


Donkey on a drive through a park

We had flip flops with "Just Married" on the bottom

Downtown Oranjestad
Ahh...I can't wait to be able to go somewhere tropical again.

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