Thursday, May 2, 2013

Weigh-in Wednesday and Phone Dump


I'm a day late with this but here it is.  For the first time in 2 years I have been able to lose more than 5 pounds without gaining it back.  Finally.  I'm down 2.2 this week, putting my total loss at exactly 7 pounds.  SEVEN.  Whoo-hoo!  My goal for April was to lose at least 5, so yay.  Now my goal for May is to lose 5.  But really I just need to concentrate on breaking the cycle and not gaining back what I've already lost.  I'm still feeling really motivated so that's good.

In other news, we've had some crazy weather around here lately.  A week ago it was 70ish and the girls were running around in swimsuits, then Tuesday we woke up to snow.  Just a tiny bit that was gone by 10 or 11 AM, but it was 40 something all day.  Then yesterday it warmed back up to the low 60s and we're headed toward 80 by Sunday.  Might have to break out the pool.

And since it seems I haven't posted other than WIW lately, here's some recent phone pics.

At the library

Pretty face

Cleo and Maisy

Yellow Jacket nest on our fence.  Has since been removed, but we have 4 more way up high on the eaves of our house that we can't get to.

Our cat might have caught a bird.  Not sure if she ate it or if it got away.

Playing on the beach at Gene Coulon Park

Picnic at Gene Coulon Park

Playing at a neighborhood park

Frozen yogurt

I think there is more candy than yogurt...

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