Friday, May 31, 2013

Kindergarten Orientation

Today we had Kindergarten Orientation at the girls' new school.  They have 3 friends from our neighborhood that are all in their class.  They are so excited.  They got to meet their teacher, see their classroom, meet the principal, see the music room, gym and office, and play on the playground. 

Olivia, Savannah, Kayley

Then tonight our neighbor's had a s'mores party for all the neighbor kids entering Kindergarten next year (or at least the one's that they know pretty well and have regular contact with).  Paul took them but I couldn't go because I already had plans for a long overdue girl's night out.  I was bummed to miss the s'mores party but I had a great time out with girlfriends with awesome food and drink.

Next week is their LAST week of preschool.  Bittersweet.  More on that in another upcoming post.

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