Friday, June 29, 2012

The Girls' Room

So it's kids' rooms this week at Kelly's Korner Home Tours.  Unfortunately, we haven't finished the girls' room make-over.  We recently transitioned from toddler beds to twins.  I would have loved to get bunk beds to save space, but the twin beds were given to us by friends of Paul's parents so we're making do.  They were wood-colored (oak, maybe?) so we painted them white.  It was challenging to figure out how to arrange their furniture because of the alcove/nook thingie on one side.  I couldn't do the obvious two beds perpedicular to the wall with a nightstand in between configuration, so I had to compromise.

There are lots of finishing touches still to be done.  We need to replace their dresser, get a nightstand, put up a shelf (ledge) or two and some wall art, and curtains.  We're also going to paint.  I've had my heart set on purple for a long time, which is why I chose this bedding with some purple but not too much, but now I'm also considering light green.  We'll see.
looking in from the doorway

basket o' library books

Olivia's bed before moving the castle

I moved the castle in from anther room

looking back at the door, before moving the castle in

Eventually there will be a nightstand next to Kayley's bed

Kayley's bed

close-ups of the bedding

toy organizer

wall straight ahead as you enter the room

moved the doll stroller and crib over here to make room for the castle

Aaaand...this is what their room usually looks like (keepin' it real, keepin' it real...):

5 Years Ago This Week

I didn't have a blog 5 years ago when I first got pregnant with the girls, so I have no real record of  my pregnancy, other than a few ultrasound pics and a few notes jotted down in a pregnancy journal I barely used.  So, in honor of the 5th anniversary of conceiving, my pregnancy and their birth, I will periodically blog about it over the next 8 months.

5 years ago this week, I was in that agonizing 2 Week Wait (2WW).  I had just had my transfer the previous Saturday.  I was told bedrest wasn't necessary, but I did take it easy the first few days.  I can't remember the exact days, but I think around 4 or 5 days later I had some cramping.  I wanted to be all excited, thinking that it was implantation, but I didn't want to get my hopes up so I told myself that it could be, but it also could just be my good 'ol endometriosis cruely messing with me.  So when I did feel crampy, I didn't think much about it.

I also was having to get up several times during the night to pee, but that wasn't really anything new.  I did think that perhaps I was getting up just a bit more than usual, but I wasn't sure and didn't want to allow myself to get too excited.

Friday night, the 29th, I met a girlfriend and another friend of hers at a bar for happy hour.  They were on their way to a Mariners game and I just stopped by to say hi for a bit.  I of course just had water, but my friend had a beer and I really wanted to taste it, so I did (not that I'm a big beer lover because I'm not, but I do like to try different ones).  I hemmed and hawed about taking that one teeny sip but figured, even if I am pregnant, one teeny tiny sip isn't going to hurt.  And it didn't.  And that was absolutely the only alcohol I had the entire pregnancy and for several months beyond.
Saturday, the 30th, we took a drive to Mt. Rainier.  I had a bad headache and couldn't figure out why.  I never get headaches, except if I don't get my morning coffee, but I had long since weaned myself off caffeine.  I didn't realize at the time that headaches can be an early pregnancy symptom.  I thought to myself that I wished it was a pregnancy symptom but I didn't know it actually is.

I probably could have gotten a positive test that day or the next but I wanted to be really careful not to test too soon because I would have been so discouraged with a negative even if there was still a chance it would be positive in a few more days.  And I didn't want to test on Sunday (or Monday or Tuesday) because if it was negative I would not have been able to go to work.  Wednesday was the 4th and I didn't want to test that day, either, because we had a party to go to that would have been ruined for me with a negative result.  So, that left Thursday the 5th, which I had taken off work, for testing, which was also the day of my beta.

To be continued...

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Transfer Anniversary

Today is the 5-year anniversary of my embryo transfer!  5 years ago today I became pregnant with my girls (I wrote about it in more detail a few years ago).  It was a Saturday that year, also.
Olivia and Kayley at 3 days post conception (wish I knew which one was which):

And Olivia and Kayley 5 years later:

That photo is actually a few weeks old.  I tried to take one for today and this is what I ended up with:


Friday, June 22, 2012

Kelsey Creek Farm

We've had a super fun last few days.  Wednesday afternoon the girls were playing at their water table in the driveway, when they decided to get their swimsuits on and have me spray them with the hose (we have drainage issues in our backyard so running through the sprinkler was not an option, and I need Paul to help me set up our new pool).  We saw their friend who lives a few houses down outside and invited her over to join us.  A little while later, another neighbor girl came and joined us also.  All four of them played together all afternoon, at our house for awhile and then at neighbor's house.
Yesterday was another beautiful day, and we had a mom's group playdate (hosted by the same mom and friend whose house they played at Wednesday) at Kelsey Creek Park/Farm.  There were lots of farm animals and the girls loved seeing them all.  After looking at all the animals, we played on the playground for awhile, then went home for lunch.

After lunch we went to the library for another mom's group meetup, the Not-So-Scary Monster Music Show.  It was a cute show with singing, dancing and puppets.  It was a busy but fun day.

Dining Room

I'm linking up with Kelly's Korner again for her Friday home tours.  The room of the day is dining rooms.

Our downstairs in really open, with the entry, dining and living area basically all one, big room.  When you walk in the front door, the dining is to the right and the living to the left.  I think our dining room is kind of ugly.  I never have the table dressed up with a runner, etc., because it's always in the way when the kids want to color or play with playdoh or whatever.  It's our only eating/table space in the house, other than the bar, so we use it all the time an it just isn't practical to dress it all up.

Still want curtains for that window

Looking in from the living room (with Kayley in the foreground).  Isn't that basket of coloring books/crayons/playdoh stuff next to the sideboard attractive?  Also notice the plastic protector thingie under the table for when the girls spill their milk/throw their spaghetti (which isn't big enough and doesn't do much good sometimes).

We used to keep a spare chair in this corner but my friend who was moving and getting rid of a bunch of stuff gave my this tall spiky stuff (hard to tell but it's dark red).  I also want to rearrange those picutres one on top of the other.  The wall is too narrow for that arrangement. 

Other side of the sideboard.  My friend also gave me that plant.

Stuff on the window sills to add color.

This pic is from the last SUYL dining room post I did where I actually dressed up the table.  This time I didn't bother.

Looking in from the kitchen (old pic from last time).

All my wedding china and miscellaneous other stuff is crammed into that sideboard.  I hope to one day have a cabinet to display it.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


We spent Father's Day weekend at the ocean (Westport) with grandma, grandpa and aunt Cheryl, who came on Sunday.  It was cold and rainy much of the time but we managed to walk to the beach several times and walk around the town.

We swam a lot, which the girls loved.  They tried going without arm floaties for the first time and did really well.  They really love to jump in, especially Kayley, and will do it over and over and over.



We flew a kite and found lots of sand dollars.

And when it was too rainy to go outside, Olivia built a fort.

The weather wasn't the greatest, but it wasn't that great at home, either, and it was still nice to get away for a few days.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Luther Burbank Park

Last summer a friend of mine introduced me to this cool park on Mercer Island.  When we went, we only played at the swimming beach and never explored the rest of the park or played on the playground.  So yesterday, we finally went back with a picnic lunch and checked out some more of the park (there's still another section we didn't get to, so maybe next time).  The playground was really cool with all sorts of nooks and cranies, and old-fashioned metal slides and ladders.  They girls loved it.

View from our picnic spot

A pyramid with slides on the other side

Lake Washington beyond

Chair swings--never seen these before

I-90 bridge over Lake Washington

Trail along the lake leading to the swimming beach

Should have brought swimsuits.  They were SO sandy and wet coming home.