Friday, June 29, 2012

5 Years Ago This Week

I didn't have a blog 5 years ago when I first got pregnant with the girls, so I have no real record of  my pregnancy, other than a few ultrasound pics and a few notes jotted down in a pregnancy journal I barely used.  So, in honor of the 5th anniversary of conceiving, my pregnancy and their birth, I will periodically blog about it over the next 8 months.

5 years ago this week, I was in that agonizing 2 Week Wait (2WW).  I had just had my transfer the previous Saturday.  I was told bedrest wasn't necessary, but I did take it easy the first few days.  I can't remember the exact days, but I think around 4 or 5 days later I had some cramping.  I wanted to be all excited, thinking that it was implantation, but I didn't want to get my hopes up so I told myself that it could be, but it also could just be my good 'ol endometriosis cruely messing with me.  So when I did feel crampy, I didn't think much about it.

I also was having to get up several times during the night to pee, but that wasn't really anything new.  I did think that perhaps I was getting up just a bit more than usual, but I wasn't sure and didn't want to allow myself to get too excited.

Friday night, the 29th, I met a girlfriend and another friend of hers at a bar for happy hour.  They were on their way to a Mariners game and I just stopped by to say hi for a bit.  I of course just had water, but my friend had a beer and I really wanted to taste it, so I did (not that I'm a big beer lover because I'm not, but I do like to try different ones).  I hemmed and hawed about taking that one teeny sip but figured, even if I am pregnant, one teeny tiny sip isn't going to hurt.  And it didn't.  And that was absolutely the only alcohol I had the entire pregnancy and for several months beyond.
Saturday, the 30th, we took a drive to Mt. Rainier.  I had a bad headache and couldn't figure out why.  I never get headaches, except if I don't get my morning coffee, but I had long since weaned myself off caffeine.  I didn't realize at the time that headaches can be an early pregnancy symptom.  I thought to myself that I wished it was a pregnancy symptom but I didn't know it actually is.

I probably could have gotten a positive test that day or the next but I wanted to be really careful not to test too soon because I would have been so discouraged with a negative even if there was still a chance it would be positive in a few more days.  And I didn't want to test on Sunday (or Monday or Tuesday) because if it was negative I would not have been able to go to work.  Wednesday was the 4th and I didn't want to test that day, either, because we had a party to go to that would have been ruined for me with a negative result.  So, that left Thursday the 5th, which I had taken off work, for testing, which was also the day of my beta.

To be continued...

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Jessica Anne said...

I love these stories! My beta is on the 4th... if its negative, I will be enjoying some nice adult beverages... but obviously I hope I can't :)