Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ski Weekend and Potty Progress

Paul's birthday was Monday so we spent the weekend at his folks' condo at Crescent Bar so we could go skiing at a nearby ski resort.  We left Friday evening, stopped for pizza on the way and then skied Saturday while his parents watched the girls.  I hadn't been skiing in about 4 years, and I'm pretty novice to begin with, but I actually did better than I thought, although I had to quit earlier than I would have liked because it was snowing pretty good and the groomed runs were no longer very groomed, making it a lot harder, for me anyway.  But it was still really fun.

On Sunday he went back up with his parents while I stayed with the girls, and we came home on Monday and they took us all out for his birthday dinner at our local Mexican restaurant.  It was a great weekend.

In other news, Kayley is almost fully daytime potty trained!  It's weird, because just a few weeks ago we were at a total loss, them having just turned 3 and not being anywhere close and adamantly refusing to go most of the time.  Then, all of a sudden, she just started going.  I had one really good day where I was on top of taking her every hour or so and she managed to keep her Pull-up dry most of the day, so the next day I put her in big girl underwear and she stayed dry most of that day, even going completely on her own a few times.  Since then, she's been wearing big girl underwear most of the time (excpet at night or if we go somewhere) and mostly staying dry.  She does have an accident every now and then, but she's doing great for the most part.  Olivia, on the other hand, will still hardly ever go.  We're hoping now that Kayley is mostly trained and wearing regular underwear, she'll be motivated to follow suit soon.

The weather has been crappy all week so we've been stuck inside, which has been a great way for me to get caught up on laundry and housework, but still a little boring.  Fortunately, Olivia loves to dance (and Kayley is usually a willing partner) so they've been able to burn off some energy.

Saturday, March 19, 2011


It was a goregous day today and our zoo pass expires at the end of the month, so we decided to take the girls to the zoo.  First we went to lunch at the iconic Red Mill Burgers.  In all my years living and/or hanging out in or around Seattle, I had never been.  It was definitely tasty.

Then it was on to the zoo.  First stop was the penguins, then a ride on the historic carousel, and then all the other "amiwols".

The girls were worn out and fell asleep in the car, but when we got home they still weren't ready to wake up.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Weekly Weight Loss Post - Week 3

I'm skipping this week's weigh-in.  It's been a bad week.  Too many Cadbury Mini Eggs and not enough exercise.  I've been consumed this week with the Just Between Friends consignment sale, organizing and tagging items, then the drop-off, then the pre-sale.  I haven't made it to the gym all week.  All I've done for exercise since last Friday is the 30 Day Shred this morning.  Pathetic.  I hope to return to normal next week.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Later and later

The first morning after setting the clocks ahead last weekend, the girls actually got up earlier than usual.  They had been getting up around 8:00, so one would think that they would have gotten up around 9:00 that first morning.  Nope.  7:00!  But, since then, they have been sleeping in later and later, and the last few days they got up around 8:40.  On one hand it's kind of nice, because, since they go to bed so late and don't take naps, I like to stay up late because that's my only "me" time, so it's nice to be able to sleep in in the morning.  On the other hand, it makes it hard to go anywhere in the morning.  Most of our mom's group meet-ups start at 10:00 or 10:30, and the last few days we've been in the middle of breakfast about then!

But I'm really tired of them staying up until 9:30 or 10:00, so I think I'm going to start getting them up earlier, in hopes that they'll, in turn, go to bed earlier.  My fear, however, is that they will just fall asleep in the late afternoon/early evening and still be up really late at night.  That happened yesterday, and I think it was around 11:00 when Kayley finally fell asleep (although she was quiet in her bed from around 10:00 on.  I was on the computer and thought she was long since asleep, went in there at 11:00 to turn the light off (I have to leave it on when I first put them to bed because Kayley likes to read) and was shocked to see her eyes were still open).  And if I do decide to force them up earlier, that means that I'll have to get up earlier, which means I'll have to go to bed earlier, which means I'll have very little "me" time at all.  But hopefully it would only last a few days and they would be adjusted to the earlier wake up time and be going to bed much earlier.

Sigh.  I'm so jealous of parents with "normal" children who go to bed at a decent hour!

Sunday, March 13, 2011


Kayley wakes up with some serious bedhead now and then, but this Saturday was the absolute craziest I've ever seen.

In other news, I re-weighed on Saturday and was 1.4 pounds less than Friday.  That's a total of 3.2 so far, not counting the 1.2 between days 1 and 2, that I don't think was actual weight loss, but just normal fluctuation/water retention.  I hope I can keep it up and break the 5-pound mark for the first time in almost a year.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Week 2

This week was not quite as good as last week, but my best week 2 in a long time.  I managed to lose 0.6.  Eh.  I'm just happy to have lost anything at all.  Last Saturday was kind of a "freebie" day, with the birthday party and then the get-together with friends, where I ended up eating more cake, and instead of just one glass of wine I accidently had a margarita, too.  Oops.  But I got right back on track the next few days and then Tuesday and Wednesday weren't that great, but not nearly as bad as they could have been.  So I'll take the 0.6 and hope to do better next week.

Monday I did C25K week 6 day 1, Tuesday I did the 30 Day Shred and Wednesday I did C25K week 6 day 2 plus an extra 15 minutes of brisk walking.  Tonight I will do C25K week 6 day 3, which is a 25-minute run.  Better make sure my iPod is charged.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sidewalk Art

We had a few hours of sunshine yesterday so the girls got to try out their new Dora bike helmets that they got for their birthday.

Then we broke out the sidewalk chalk.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Weekly Weight Loss Post

I'm going to start posting every Friday or Saturday again about my weight loss efforts and progress (or lack thereof).  I've had a terrible time so far this year getting anything going, losing 2, 3, 4 pounds and instantly regaining them, over and over and over.  But I made a fresh start on Monday the 28th and I have had a great week so far.  I weighed on Monday, re-weighed on Tuesday and was down 1.2 pounds already (probably just water).  Then I weighed again yesterday and was down another 1.2.  With just under 10 weeks until we leave for Hawaii, I'm hoping to lose 10.2 more pounds.

I've decided to restart C25K.  Not from the very beginning, but from week 5.  So on Monday I did week 5 day 1, plus I did the 30 Day Shred.  Wednesday I did week 5 day 2, Thursday I did the Shred and today I did the Shred plus C25K week 5 day 3.  If I stay on schedule this time, I will finally finish the darn thing on April 1.

Today will be challenging, as far as diet goes.  We're going to my great-nephew's birthday party up in Mount Vernon, then we have some time to kill before going to a gathering at a friend's place in Monroe (between here and MV but too far to come home first) so we might take the girls to Chuck E Cheese, since MV happens to have one and they've never been, as the closest one to us is about 45 minutes away.  So between the birthday party and the evening with friends, which will undoubtedly include lots of food and wine, it's going to be difficult to stay on track, but I'm pretty motivated right now since it's only day 6 so I think I'll do ok.  I will enjoy a small piece of cake with no ice cream, I'm bringing healthy snacks to tide me over in-between, and I will limit myself to one glass of wine and otherwise be conscious of portions and not snack too much on chips and/or whatever other snacks/hor d'oeuvres are offered at either event.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Fun in the Snow

We got lots of snow last week and off and on through yesterday.  The girls had fun playing in the yard, building a snowman and going to the park in their new toboggan.  There are several small hills and they had a blast tobogganing with us.  It's finally starting to warm up a bit and the snow is starting to melt.  It's been fun, but I'm glad it's almost over because getting the girls in and out of their snowsuits, gloves, hats, boots, etc. is really a time-consuming pain!

Olivia trying to catch snowflakes with her tongue


They got this "snowman soup" for Christmas so one day after playing in the snow we whipped that up and they had their first hot chocolate, which was a big hit.