Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mini Goal Reached

Well, I did it! I finally lost all the baby weight as of my birthday last Saturday! Plus an extra 0.2 pounds. And since then I've lost another 2 pounds, for a total loss of 7.2 pounds! Whoo-hoo! So now I'm working on getting down to my wedding weight by our anniversary on May 13th. I have 9.2 pounds to lose to make that goal. That's 3 1/2 months away so it should be doable. I'm still doing the 30 Day Shred workout 5 days a week. Today was day 18. So I have tomorrow and Friday plus two more weeks to go. After that, my plan is to do 30-45 minutes of cardio 5 times a week and 20 minutes of strength 3 times a week. However, it may be very difficult to find the time. I guess I'm thinking that I could take the girls for a daily afternoon walk for the cardio (weather permitting!) and do the strength in the late afternoon after Paul gets home from work. On days where the weather is crappy I can do a DVD. It might be challenging but I think it'll work.

Today is the girls 11-month birthday. I had predicted that Kayley would be walking by now and I was right! Paul saw her take 2 steps a few weeks ago but I missed it. But on my birthday (the 24th) she took 4 and then she took 5 either later that day or the next day, I forget. Yesterday she took like 12! She also has a top tooth, and Olivia has one just breaking through.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sleep Issues

One of the (many) difficult things about twins is trying to keep them from waking each other up should one wake during the night, which luckily, is rare except for this last week. Usually when one wakes during the night (usually Kayley), I can rush in and quiet her down before the other wakes up. Then I'll rock her and she'll usually go right back to sleep. But the challenging thing is putting her back in her crib without re-waking her. If I put her on her back, she'll immediately try to roll over and get caught up in her sleep sack, wake up and cry, but if I try to put her on her belly the jostling that is required to do that will wake her up (crying) too! I'm doomed every time! None the less, it usually works eventually, either the first time or after several tries. But several nights last week one would be woken up by the other and while they would fall right back asleep in my arms I could not get them back in their cribs without re-waking them. We would often end up downstairs with the problem sleeper in the pack and play and me on the couch, or in one case Olivia and I both slept in the chair for 3 hours. Sigh. I hope we don't have to resort to seperate rooms.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

One More Pound...

As of yesterday I have lost 4 pounds. Just one more pound of baby weight to go! Not that that's all that exciting considering I still have another 22 to 27 or so to go after that. Sigh. But seeing as how I lost 43 the first two weeks after giving birth and it's taken 10 months to lose another 8, I'm a little excited to only have one more to go. Yesterday I tried on a bunch of my pre-pregnancy clothes and most of them actually fit!

I hope to update on actual baby stuff soon. It's been hard to find time this week.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Day 5

Friday is my official weight-in day. I'm down 1.2 pounds since Tuesday (when I re-weighed on Wednesday I had actually lost 0.8 pounds, not a full pound and now I've lost 0.4 more). So I still have about 4 pounds to go, 3.8 to be exact. I have finished the first of six weeks of doing the 30 Day Shred 5 days a week. I hope I can keep it up. The rain has finally stopped, too, so I'm hoping to go for a long walk with the girls this afternoon after a trip to Target.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Day 3

I know you're not supposed to weigh yourself every day but I just had to see if that extra pound was gone and yay! It is. So now I'm back to where I started, with 4 pounds of baby weight to lose. Yesterday was another good day--1360 calories and another shred workout done. I managed to sneak it in before my friend got here. Today I did the 30-Day Shred again. I really like it. I love that it's only 20 minutes because with the twins it's really hard to find time to work out. When I can I like to add extra cardio, like today I did an extra 5 minutes (not that 5 minutes is very much!) by turning on the DMX Dance channel and doing aerobics. When the weather permits I'll take the girls for a walk in the afternoon but lately that hasn't been an option. But even by itself it's a pretty good workout.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Day 2

Damn! Turns out I actually have 5 more pounds of baby weight to lose, not 4. I was scared to weigh myself yesterday after a weekend of not-so-good eating so I waited until today and discovered that additional pound. Crap. Oh well.

I did great yesterday. My calorie intake was 1500 on the dot and I got my workout in. A good friend of mine is coming all the way from Mt. Vernon to visit today so I'm hoping I'll still manage to get today's workout in. She already offered to watch the girls while I shower so maybe I'll just have her watch them while I work out and then shower. Otherwise I can just do it sometime after she leaves. I'll get it in there somewhere--I'm determined!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Day 1

So today it begins--my quest to finally lose the last 4 pounds of baby weight. I have a lot more to lose after that but one thing at a time! I gained 52 pounds during my pregnancy, which for twins is not too bad. 43 of them fell off the first two weeks after giving birth, but then the last 9 wouldn't budge! I even gained 3 back. Toward the end of summer I finally got my act together and started losing again, losing the 3 I had gained back plus another 5 or so by Thanksgiving. Then I started baking (and eating) lots of Christmas cookies, but miraculously I only gained maybe a pound or so which I have since lost. So I have 4 pounds to go and I'm hoping to lose them by the twins' 11-month birthday on the 28th. I will be doing the 30-Day Shred DVD 5 days a week for 6 weeks and then decide what to do after that, probably a combination of that and another, more cardio-based DVD.

In addition to the DVD workouts, I will keep a food journal (not here) and try to stay within 1400-1500 calories per day. I hope that tracking my progress in this blog will keep me motivated.