Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sleep Issues

One of the (many) difficult things about twins is trying to keep them from waking each other up should one wake during the night, which luckily, is rare except for this last week. Usually when one wakes during the night (usually Kayley), I can rush in and quiet her down before the other wakes up. Then I'll rock her and she'll usually go right back to sleep. But the challenging thing is putting her back in her crib without re-waking her. If I put her on her back, she'll immediately try to roll over and get caught up in her sleep sack, wake up and cry, but if I try to put her on her belly the jostling that is required to do that will wake her up (crying) too! I'm doomed every time! None the less, it usually works eventually, either the first time or after several tries. But several nights last week one would be woken up by the other and while they would fall right back asleep in my arms I could not get them back in their cribs without re-waking them. We would often end up downstairs with the problem sleeper in the pack and play and me on the couch, or in one case Olivia and I both slept in the chair for 3 hours. Sigh. I hope we don't have to resort to seperate rooms.

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