Thursday, February 28, 2013

Birthday Fun

Today is the girls' 5th birthday.  It's been a full week of celebrating, commencing with their party last Saturday, then their school party yesterday, some fun things today and finally dinner and cake with grandma and grandpa tomorrow!  Wow.  Maybe one day soon my house will be clean again.  Not that it's ever clean for long, anyway.

So since today is their actual birthday, Paul took the day off so we could do some things as a family.  First they opened their presents from us and from my dad and stepmom.  They snowbird in Arizona (live there in a motorhome from September through May) so they just send money and we buy the girls presents from them. 

Winx Club doll

Breyer pony w/rider and accessories

Breyer horse

Merida dress, bow and arrow

Then a friend that couldn't make it to the party last weekend came by to give them their presents (another Merida dress, so now we have 2, and a Merida wig!  So cool, since the set we gave Kayley didn't come with the wig!) so we had a little impromtu playdate for awhile this morning.  Then we went to lunch at the Rainforest Cafe and then went to Chuck E. Cheese's just to play.  The girls had only been to Chuck E. Cheese's one other time almost 2 year ago for a friend's birthday.  They really enjoyed it, and since it was a Thursday afternoon it wasn't crowded at all which was really nice.


Dancing for tickets


Five Years Old

Olivia and Kayley,

5 years ago today you were born, and it was by far the happiest day of my life (I think.  The day I found out I was pregnant with you was right up there). I had waited SO long to have you. For many, many years before your Dad and I ever met I longed for you and worried I may never have you, or any child. But we were finally blessed with you and you were SO worth the wait!

The last five years have been so much fun.  I've SO enjoyed being your mom. I've loved taking you to storytime at the library, all the different parks we've been to, playdates with the mom's group, and McDonald's or the mall to play on the playground. I've loved playing with you at home, coloring, doing puzzles, playing with play-doh or doing crafts.  I'm SO thankful I got to stay home with you and enjoy all of that.  It means the world to me.

Olivia, you are so funny.  You say the cutest/weirdest/funniest/totally off-the-wall things.  You love animals and just adore our cats, especially Maisy.  There is hardly a moment you're not cuddling with/hugging/petting or generally tormenting her.  You are so lucky that she puts up with it!  You love to sing and dance.  You like to color but I wouldn't say that you love it.  You recently have taken an interest in playing on the computer.  You are very social, love to play with your friends and make new friends easily.  You still love Doggie but are not quite as attached as you used to be, and you still suck your thumb.  We need to work on that!  Here are some of your favorite things:

Color: Pink
Toy: Lego Friends
Food: Cheeseburger
Princess: Rapunzel
Place to go: Abby's house
Activity: Watching movies
Song: Perfect Day (from Barbie: Princess and the Popstar)
Book: Little Red Riding Hood
TV Show: Doc McStuffins
Movie: Tangled
Friend: Madeleine

Kayley, you are so smart.  You love to play on the computer and can maneuver around various websites well even though you can't read yet.  You are very good at puzzles.  You love animals and love to play vet.  You love to dress up and put on "shows" (dance shows, fashion shows, singing shows, etc.).  You are still very attached to your Gaga, although you will sometime accidentally sleep without it unfazed.  Like your sister, you still suck your thumb :( .  Here are some of your favorite things:

Color: Purple
Toy: Lego Friends
Food: Spaghetti
Princess: Rapunzel
Place: Kidz Bounce
Activity: Wii
Song: Here I Am (from Barbie: Princess and the Popstar)
Book: Some princess book that Kette has
TV Show: Imagination Movers
Movie: Brave
Friend: Emma

Happy birthday to my precious girls!  I love you more than anything.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Anniversary of my Last Week Pregnant

Last June was the 5th anniversary of my becoming pregnant with the girls and I have since been documenting here various highlights and milestones of that pregnancy since I was not yet blogging at the time.  This week is the anniversary of my last week being pregnant.  5 years ago this week:

Sunday the 24th - My mom came to stay with us until they were born.  I assume we watched the 2008 Oscars that night.

Monday the 25th - I had my last OB appointment.  First with my regular OB and then with the MFM (maternal/fetal medicine) specialist after that.  I had my last NST and the girls were doing great.  I just remember thinking how weird it was that that would be my last time in that office (the MFM office, that is.  I sure didn't plan on having twins again but hadn't ruled out a singleton (and I'm pretty sure we could have prevented twins or more by only transfering one embryo had we ever done an FET {frozen embryo transfer}).

Wednesday the 27th - Last full day pregnant and last day as a non-parent.  I remember watching American Idol with Paul that evening and thinking how weird it was that it was our last night without kids.

And then, Thursday the 28th, the girls were born via scheduled c-section due to breech presentation.  Here's my super exciting birth story:

I went to the hospital at the appointed time, the doctor cut me open, pulled out Olivia, then Kayley.  The end.  Yawn.  OK, so I'll jazz it up a little.

My surgery was scheduled for 9:00 AM.  We had to be at the hospital at 7:00 AM to check in and be monitored.  A few minutes before 9:00 we walked to the OR, and just as we were heading that way, Paul's parents were arriving so we got to say a quick hello as we were walking to the OR.  I was on the table, prepped and already being cut open at exactly 9:00 AM.

Olivia came out at 9:09, and Kayley followed less than 59 seconds later because it was still 9:09.  Olivia was 6 lbs, 13 ounces and Kayley was 5 lbs, 15 ounces.

Like usual, none of our pictures are very good.  Their faces are always half covered with a blanket, or the picture is blurry or something (we had just got a new camera and were still getting used to it).  Oh well.

That concludes the documentation of my pregnancy.  Happy 5th birthday, girls!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Birthday Party

The girls turn 5 on Thursday and we had their party yesterday.  This was their first party that was for just their friends and their parents and not just mostly family.  We had 11 kids here (including the girls) and about 10 grown-ups (including us), so it was a houseful but still managable.

We had a cat theme, so we played Pin the Tail on the Cat and hat a cat pinata.  The girls were so excited to be having a party with all their friends. They had been counting down the days and on the day of kept asking when everyone was coming over.  It went well and they had so much fun.

Cat decor, including a real cat

Happy Birthday Banner

Cat Cake Pops

The Cake (from Costco)

Goofy birthday girls

Decapitated pinata

Taking turns beating on the pinata

Opening presents

Duck shaped watering can

Olivia ready to Pin the Tail on the Cat

My crude drawing of a cat


Thursday, February 14, 2013

Low-key Valentine's Day and Anniversary of Having a C-section Date

I've never been real big on Valentine's Day.  I was single forever, and when I did have a boyfriend there was all this pressure to get something romantic and meaningful and it was always so hard to figure out what to get.  I mean, what else is there besides chocolate, really?  Most guys aren't big into jewelry and even if they do wear chains or whatever a guy can only have so many.

Now that I'm married, I'm just kind of eh about the whole thing.  We haven't gone out the last few years because we can't afford to go out AND pay a babysitter, and I imagine it's hard to even find a babysitter on V-Day.  I usually try to fix a special dinner, but it's hard to make it all romantic when the girls are here with us.  Sure, we could wait until they go to bed and then light candles and have a romantic late dinner or just dessert if we've already eaten, but Paul gets up so early that he usually goes to bed the same time the girls do, although they are starting to go to bed a little earlier (8:30ish instead of 9:00), so we'll see how it goes tonight.  I'm actually thinking about feeding the girls first, then letting them watch a movie while we eat in peace.  Then, after they go to bed we can have some alone time with wine and dessert before he has to go to bed.

I also always just think of Valentine's Day as being for couples, so it only just occured to me a few days ago to get the girls a little something (even though I have in years past).  And there wasn't much of a selection being so last minute and the last thing they need is another stuffed animal so I got them each a Pez dispenser, one Belle and one Rapunzel, and some M & Ms.  Then, I realized TODAY that it never occured to me to have them make a card for daddy.  Shesh.  I'm so lame.  And poor Paul.  He is shopping for my gift TONIGHT after work, with all the other gazillion procrastinating husbands, but that's because he hasn't been feeling well the last few days so he couldn't really help it.

Anyway, the girls had their Valentine's party at school yesterday, and today we made red velvet (from a boxed mix {hanging head in shame} because they were on sale and I'm lazy) cake pops and cupcakes.

The envelopes they made at school for all their Valentines

In other news, 5 years ago today I had an OB appointment and it became a certainty (we'd been pretty sure for awhile) that I would have a c-section because both babies were breech.  Later that evening while cooking our Valentine's dinner together, we got a call from the nurse.  Our c-section was scheduled for Thursday, February 28 at 9:00 AM!  It was great to have the end in sight (and since it was a leap year I was relieved that they didn't schedule me for February 29th!).

Happy Valentine's Day!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Preschool Raffle

I had one of those weekends that I hate, where there's lots going on and there's no time to do any of the "fun" stuff that I usually like to do on weekends, like research new music/download from iTunes/make new playlists, organize photos (maybe even scrapbook one day), read, blog/read blogs, etc.  Not that I do any of those every weekend, but that's just an example of some things I like to do.

Saturday we headed up to Mount Vernon to visit my mom and help my brothers and sisters-in-law pack up mom's things (they weren't there at the time but we're all just going over there when we can and packing stuff).  She had a stroke a month and a half ago and is currently in a nursing facility and from there will probably go to assisted living or something and not back to her former retirement community.  We had lunch at Five Guys while we were up there.  I have been wanting to try that place for a long time and finally got to.  It was really good and even the girls liked it despite not having happy meals (the horror!).  Olivia ate her ENTIRE burger.


Sunday we went to church and Sunday School, came home for lunch and then I had to leave to go to the girls' preschool to help set up for their annual potluck and raffle, which is their main fundraiser for the year.  The preschoolers made the cutest centerpieces with "flowers" made out of pencils and cupcake wrappers, and each table had a "flower" with one of the kids' pictures in the center.  They were adorable.  When I finished there I had to run to Safeway to buy a dessert (a tiramisu bar cake that was the $5 special and turned out to be a big hit.  It was gone by the time I got to the dessert table so I never got to taste it but it looked delicious), because I of course didn't have time to bake anything at home, then I rushed home to collect the girls and change and head back to the church/preschool for the actual function.  Paul stayed home to get some things done, so it was just me with both girls, at a potluck (3 people to get food for and drinks for and carry said food and drinks and help cut food, etc.) but it worked out ok.  We sat at a table with their best friend from preschool and her family so it was easy to get up and go get something (i.e. more napkins) if I needed to.  I even won TWO door prizes (but none of the actual raffle prizes), a $10 gift card to Safeway and another $10 gift card to a local sub shop (not Subway).  Not bad, considering I usually never win anything at these type of events.

All of the preschool kids (and other kids there that don't attend the preschool) got to turn the barrel with the raffle tickets and pick out the winning tickets.  They all really enjoyed getting to help with that.

I hung these heart streamers in all the doorways

Kayley's centerpiece

Olivia's centerpiece

One of the prize tables

The girls with their friend Maddy 

Assistant teacher Ms. Ginny helping Olivia

Drawing a winner...
Today I had plans to take the girls for haircuts and then to the library but Olivia is not feeling well so we are just chillin' at home.