Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Preschool Raffle

I had one of those weekends that I hate, where there's lots going on and there's no time to do any of the "fun" stuff that I usually like to do on weekends, like research new music/download from iTunes/make new playlists, organize photos (maybe even scrapbook one day), read, blog/read blogs, etc.  Not that I do any of those every weekend, but that's just an example of some things I like to do.

Saturday we headed up to Mount Vernon to visit my mom and help my brothers and sisters-in-law pack up mom's things (they weren't there at the time but we're all just going over there when we can and packing stuff).  She had a stroke a month and a half ago and is currently in a nursing facility and from there will probably go to assisted living or something and not back to her former retirement community.  We had lunch at Five Guys while we were up there.  I have been wanting to try that place for a long time and finally got to.  It was really good and even the girls liked it despite not having happy meals (the horror!).  Olivia ate her ENTIRE burger.


Sunday we went to church and Sunday School, came home for lunch and then I had to leave to go to the girls' preschool to help set up for their annual potluck and raffle, which is their main fundraiser for the year.  The preschoolers made the cutest centerpieces with "flowers" made out of pencils and cupcake wrappers, and each table had a "flower" with one of the kids' pictures in the center.  They were adorable.  When I finished there I had to run to Safeway to buy a dessert (a tiramisu bar cake that was the $5 special and turned out to be a big hit.  It was gone by the time I got to the dessert table so I never got to taste it but it looked delicious), because I of course didn't have time to bake anything at home, then I rushed home to collect the girls and change and head back to the church/preschool for the actual function.  Paul stayed home to get some things done, so it was just me with both girls, at a potluck (3 people to get food for and drinks for and carry said food and drinks and help cut food, etc.) but it worked out ok.  We sat at a table with their best friend from preschool and her family so it was easy to get up and go get something (i.e. more napkins) if I needed to.  I even won TWO door prizes (but none of the actual raffle prizes), a $10 gift card to Safeway and another $10 gift card to a local sub shop (not Subway).  Not bad, considering I usually never win anything at these type of events.

All of the preschool kids (and other kids there that don't attend the preschool) got to turn the barrel with the raffle tickets and pick out the winning tickets.  They all really enjoyed getting to help with that.

I hung these heart streamers in all the doorways

Kayley's centerpiece

Olivia's centerpiece

One of the prize tables

The girls with their friend Maddy 

Assistant teacher Ms. Ginny helping Olivia

Drawing a winner...
Today I had plans to take the girls for haircuts and then to the library but Olivia is not feeling well so we are just chillin' at home.

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