Thursday, February 28, 2013

Birthday Fun

Today is the girls' 5th birthday.  It's been a full week of celebrating, commencing with their party last Saturday, then their school party yesterday, some fun things today and finally dinner and cake with grandma and grandpa tomorrow!  Wow.  Maybe one day soon my house will be clean again.  Not that it's ever clean for long, anyway.

So since today is their actual birthday, Paul took the day off so we could do some things as a family.  First they opened their presents from us and from my dad and stepmom.  They snowbird in Arizona (live there in a motorhome from September through May) so they just send money and we buy the girls presents from them. 

Winx Club doll

Breyer pony w/rider and accessories

Breyer horse

Merida dress, bow and arrow

Then a friend that couldn't make it to the party last weekend came by to give them their presents (another Merida dress, so now we have 2, and a Merida wig!  So cool, since the set we gave Kayley didn't come with the wig!) so we had a little impromtu playdate for awhile this morning.  Then we went to lunch at the Rainforest Cafe and then went to Chuck E. Cheese's just to play.  The girls had only been to Chuck E. Cheese's one other time almost 2 year ago for a friend's birthday.  They really enjoyed it, and since it was a Thursday afternoon it wasn't crowded at all which was really nice.


Dancing for tickets


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