Sunday, February 24, 2013

Birthday Party

The girls turn 5 on Thursday and we had their party yesterday.  This was their first party that was for just their friends and their parents and not just mostly family.  We had 11 kids here (including the girls) and about 10 grown-ups (including us), so it was a houseful but still managable.

We had a cat theme, so we played Pin the Tail on the Cat and hat a cat pinata.  The girls were so excited to be having a party with all their friends. They had been counting down the days and on the day of kept asking when everyone was coming over.  It went well and they had so much fun.

Cat decor, including a real cat

Happy Birthday Banner

Cat Cake Pops

The Cake (from Costco)

Goofy birthday girls

Decapitated pinata

Taking turns beating on the pinata

Opening presents

Duck shaped watering can

Olivia ready to Pin the Tail on the Cat

My crude drawing of a cat


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