Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Typical Day

The girls are starting preschool in the fall (OMG-I can't WAIT!) so I want to document our routine/typical day one last time before it changes.

We actually have 3 different "typical" days.
  • Days where we have a playdate or activity at a certain pre-arranged time,
  • Days where we plan to do something (run errands, go to a park) but not at any specific time, and
  • Days where we intentionally stay home, usually so I can catch up on housework.
Olivia is almost always the first one up.  She'll come into my room (hubby long gone to work) usually between 7:00 and 7:30, but sometimes as early as 6:45 and sometimes as late as 8:00.  We'll snuggle with the cats for a bit, then I let her watch something on TV so I can get on the computer for awhile.  Meanwhile, Kayley will get up anywhere between 8:00 and 8:45.

At 8:30ish, we go downstairs for breakfast.  After breakfast, the girls play while I clean up, and then they get dressed (I prefer to leave them in their jammies for breakfast so that's one less chance to soil their daytime clothes).  If we have a morning activity (storytime, playdate), it's usually at 10:00 or 10:30.  Otherwise, I'll alternate playing with them (Olivia always wants to play hide and seek) and doing chores while they play together, until lunchtime.  I'd like to set aside some of this time every day to work on letters (letter recognition, phonics, writing their name, etc.), but they are usually so engrossed in whatever they're playing it's hard to tear them away (unless I try to use the computer or read or make a phone call or do something fun for me, then they're drawn to me like moths to a flame--go figure).  We get it in here and there, but I'd like to be more consistent.

We usually eat lunch between 12:30 and 1:00.  After lunch is when we will usually run errands if we're going to, otherwise we'll play outside and/or go to the park if the weather permits.  If the weather is crap and we have no errands, we'll either go to the library or just play some more.  We'll color, do a craft or a puzzle, or build a fort.

Paul gets home at 3:35, and about 3 out of the 5 workdays I'll either go to the gym or run outside.  The other days I just keep playing w/the girls until dinner time.

We eat dinner around 6:00, give or take, and then one of us (usually Paul) plays with the girls while the other cleans up.  By then it's about 7:00 and we just play until bath or bedtime.  Every once in awhile we'll play a game and I've always thought that once they're old enough (which they are now) it'd be fun to institute a weekly Family Game Night but so far we haven't.  I'll have to work on that--maybe in the fall.

Bedtime is 9:00, and Olivia usually goes right to sleep, but Kayley will stay up playing or reading for awhile.  No wonder why Olivia is always up first.

I think that Olivia's schedule (minus the morning TV) will work just fine once preschool starts but I'm going to have to work on getting Kayley up a little earlier.

I typed most of this last night, and now it's 7:27 AM on Thursday.  Kayley, not Olivia, just got up and crawled into my bed (even though I'm not in it).  She hardly ever gets up first.  They do like to shake things up every once in awhile!

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