Friday, April 27, 2012

Fitness Friday - C25K Week 7

I'm down 1.4 pounds.  I was kind of surprised because once again, I didn't try very hard.  I finally got my act together just yesterday (as far as diet).  I also need to increase my workouts.  I've pretty much just been doing the 3 C25K workouts/week and that's it.  I need to add in some more walking or the 30 Day Shred DVD or something.  Here's what I did this week:

Saturday:  C25K week 6 day 3.  Turns out I was supposed to run 25 minutes, which is what I had always thought since I first learned about the program, but then I thought I read somewhere recently that said it was 22 minutes, which would make sense, since the run before was 20 and week 7 is 25 all week.  Anyway, I ran for almost 24 because I wanted to finish the song and I thought I was awesome for making it past the required time but turns out I cheated a tiny bit.  Oh well.  But this was the day that I realized that if I really wanted to, I could probably run the whole 3.1, or at least a full 30 minutes for now and then the 3.1 very soon.  My dream of being able to run all the way around Greenlake is finally going to happen, assuming I keep this up and then can find a decent Saturday morning to drive there and try.

Monday:  C25K week 7 day 1.  25 minutes for real, but I think I did 26.

Wednesday:  C25K week 7 day 2.  Again, I went a little over and did 27.  Made up for Saturday.  I've thought about jumping to week 9 but I think I'll just stick to the program and keep building up gradually.  We'll see.

Today or tomorrow:  C25K week 7 day 3.  Last of the 25-minute runs and then on to 28s next week.

I haven't done any strength training all week.  I need to get back to that and add in some walks or something on non-C25K days.

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Cecilia said...

Awesome job! I did couch to 5k and loved it. I'm now signed for a half marathon in december. Yikes. Anyway, I recently found your blog! Your girls are beautiful!