Tuesday, January 25, 2011


The girls and I had been spending entirely too much time couped up at home lately.  First we all had colds right around Christmas time, then we got a bunch of snow that hung around for several days, then we've just had a bunch of cold, rainy days, etc.  We finally started getting out more a few weeks ago with playdates to the Indoor Playground (a godsend this time of year!) and KidzBounce, the latter of which was way more fun this time because it was much less crowded and the girls we're much more brave about exploring all the different bouncy houses whereas last time they would only do one slide and wanted me to go with them all the time.  We also had a fun playdate last Friday at a coffee/doughnut shop near our house that I'd been wanting to try that has a nice play area for kids.  One of those things that if I'd of known about it sooner I totally would have gone there a long time ago.  It's always great to find new things to do with the girls.

Anyway, one day last week was actually sunny and we donned sunglasses and went to the park!  It was, quite literally, a breath of fresh air!

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MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

I never minded winter before...until this year! At two, our girls are old enough to need to get out and about. I have learned that three or four days in the house is close to the max for them to not be climbing the curtains. :) If nothing else, we'd been going to the mall to walk in the mornings before the stores opened. But we've been dealing with some sickness - A had the flu last week, and B seems to have a stomach bug now...YUCK! If it's not the weather, that definitely limits getting out and about!

It's great you got to enjoy some actual sunshine, and found a couple of indoor places to play!