Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Chillin' at Home

I've never been one of those SAHMs that has to "get out of the house" or go somewhere every day.  Some days, of course, but not every single day.  I think because, when the girls were younger, it was such a pain to go anywhere (still is, but not AS much).  Plus, there is always plenty to do around the house, whether it's cleaning or something more fun like scrapbooking, so it's not that easy to get bored, and we did go for lots of walks until they got to an age where they no longer tolerate the stroller for any length of time.  Anyway, now that the girls are older I do find myself wanting to get out with them more than I used to.  But Mondays have become my stay-home-and-clean-house days.  All the clutter and laundry and what-not that accumulated over the weekend gets tackeled on Mondays.  So yesterday I cleaned like a madwoman.  Today I wanted to take them to the play area at the mall but they haven't been feeling well the last few days so I think we need to stay home again.  Therefore I've decided that I'm just going to do nothing but play with the girls, sip coffee and watch Regis and Kelly and the View (and I'll probably toss in another load of laundry and do my workout at some point).   I never do this (we're either going somewhere or if we're home I alternate playing with them and doing housework) so it might be kind of fun.  If we get too bored we'll go for a drive.

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