Tuesday, March 23, 2010

One of Those Really Hard Days

Today was free pastry day at Starbucks.  I wasn't going to pass that up!  When we got there and I went to put Olivia in the stroller she threw a fit and wouldn't have anything to do with it.  I hate that I can't just walk in there with them on foot but a) they'd be off in two different directions once we got inside and b) I can't hold both their hand plus my hot beverage to walk back to the car.  So, I have to use the stroller just to go into Starbucks for a latte.  One of the reasons I hardly ever go (the other being we can't afford $4.00 lattes very often).  Anyway, not wanting to cause a scene, I decided just to carry her while I pushed Kayley in the stroller.  So there I was, pushing one in a double stroller while carrying the other, and trying to get through the doors of Starbucks.  It's hard enough just pushing the double-wide stroller through the doors (I have to pull it, actually, while using my body to open one door and my free hand to open the other), but doing that while holding a toddler is even harder.  And NO ONE in the long line of people offered any assistance.  Grrr.  Although, once I was finally in the guy in front of me did apologize for not paying attention and helping.  Whatever. 

So I finally got in and out of there and would have loved to just sit at a table outside as it was a goregous day.  But, they were both rejecting the stroller (Kayley was in but wanting out real badly) and there was no way I could just let them free--they'd have been running all over the parking lot in two different directions.  I also would have liked to take a walk up and down our retail strip and maybe stop at the park along the way. But nope.  Wasn't going to happen.  So back in the car and home we went.

Once home, I thought maybe I could bribe them with snacks to let me take them for a walk in that evil stroller.  It worked!  I would have tried that in the first place but I was planning on sharing my pastry with them.  They ended up not wanting any, however, but goldfish in their snacks cups was a successful diversion and off we went.  On our way back, we stopped at the park and played.  Then came another one of those "twins are so hard" moments.  It was time to leave.  Olivia had pooped and it was almost lunch time.  But getting two toddlers to leave a park can be a bit challenging.  I ended up carrying Kayley down the hill to the road while I pushed the empty stroller and Olivia walked.  When we got to the road I put her down, but she started walking back toward the park while Olivia was walking toward home.  I had to stop and put the brake on the stroller so I could run after Kayley and then go run after Olivia, but as I pushed the brake down with my foot it got stuck and I fell.  I got up and ran after Kayley then quickly turned around and ran the other way after Olivia, all the while neighbors across the street witnessing the whole ordeal.  I then forced them to ride in the stroller and they both of course threw a huge screaming fit.  It was a nightmare.  I was almost in tears afterwards, simply because I get so tired of not being able to do "normal" things.  I'm jealous of the moms who can go to Starbucks and sit outside and only have one kid to worry about (and maybe an older kid or a baby who isn't mobile yet--you know what I mean).  Ok, vent over.


MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

I can really relate to your post. I can totally see the Starbucks line looming long, and I can completely envision the ensuing meltdown. I sometimes pack up my girls (14-months old) and head to Starbucks, thinking I'll be able to enjoy at least 15 minutes of reading and sipping, but I have had little luck with that over the past couple of months. :)

Having twins is WONDERFUL, but there's no doubt it's HARD. And then I feel GUILTY for feeling overwhelmed, especially after having tried for years to have even one baby.

I have been telling myself a couple of things when I start to feel "full". 1) The moment is brief; and 2) Maintain perspective. It certainly doesn't make the juggling any easier, but it helps remind me to step back a little bit.

Hang in there, and good luck! :)


Jill said...

Thanks, Mandy! You're absolutely right. I am truly blessed to have my girls and all the hard stuff is so worth it, even if I do whine.

amy said...

(I came by from Foster Family blog)
OH girl! Story of our life as well. My girls are 19 months and always going opposite directions. Your post= story of our life. You're not alone! :) When something is totally overwhelming, I often think of what a funny story (or blog post- ha!) it will be later, but in the moment- not so much. :) Oh and when I have a Starbucks craving, a drive-thru is imperative! :)

SMS said...

Just stopped by from Multiples and More and I can totally relate to this post. So glad I am not the only twin mom out there who struggles with being able to take our 19 month olds out. I admire you for even going to Starbucks on your own! Just getting in and out of Target or going to the park is challenge enough for me. You are doing a great job and thanks for sharing .. made me feel normal :)