Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Enough is Enough

Fed up with Kayley's antics, we decided that's it!  We're putting both girls in their cribs at bedtime and Kayley can cry her little eyes out until she finally goes to sleep and Olivia, poor thing, will just have to put up with it.  So Sunday night that's exactly what we did.  She cried for 20 minutes and finally fell silent.  Last night it only took 10 minutes!  Maybe if we keep this up she'll be back to normal, where we can just put her in her crib at bedtime and she'll just go straight to sleep (or at least not scream and cry).  Here's hoping.  But man, it's nice to have a little of our evenings back.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday Fun

What a fun day.  This morning I took the girls to an indoor gym at the Mount Si Community Center in North Bend which I never would have known about if not for my awesome neighbor Dana who is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to Things To Do With Toddlers.  They basically set up all kinds of fun climbing stuff, ride-on toys and what-not in a gym and people bring their kids to play for a $1.00 donation.  Perfect for rainy days!  I only wish we would have got there sooner because we only had about a half and hour to play before it ended.  But the girls loved it and we will definitely go again very soon and get there earlier next time.

Later, seeing as how Kayley wasn't going to take a nap (although she did sleep in the car on the way home, a whole 10 minutes or less), I decided to put her to work helping me bake cookies!


Olivia finally got her cookie when she got up from her nap


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Bedtime Battle

We're still really struggling with getting Kayley to go to sleep at night.  If she takes a nap at all, I wake her up after an hour and a half (she used to sleep 2 1/2 to 3 hours) but she'll still be up until 10:00 or a little later.  If she doesn't take a nap, she falls asleep in her highchair at dinner time.  If that happens, we put her in her crib and sometime she'll stay there and sleep and other times she'll wake up and not what to go to sleep.  If she stays asleep, again she'll be up until 10:00 or later and if she doesn't she's a crabby mess, and still will be up until at least 9:00.  Yesterday I didn't put her down for a nap thinking that she would go to bed at 9:00ish or even 8:30, as opposed to 10:00 or 11:00.  But we went for a walk at 4:00 and by the time we got back around 4:30 she was asleep.  I put her down in her crib and got her up a half hour later.  But she was cranky and wouldn't stop crying so I laid down on the couch with her and she slept another half hour or so (and I think I dozed off too which felt great!).  She was still pretty cranky after that and wouldn't eat much dinner but got over it when we put her Elmo DVD in.  But she was up until a little after 10:00 again.  So it doesn't seem to matter whether I put her down for a nap or not.  If I don't she sneaks one in later and is still up late.

Part of the problem is that we can't just put her in her crib at bedtime and have her go to sleep.  She jumps up and down and screams and cries until we get her up.  Again, if she wasn't a twin we'd just let her cry but after 10 minutes or so I start to feel really bad for Olivia so I go get her up.  We can't put her in our room and let her cry there because Paul sometimes goes to bed before she does (lately) because he gets up so early for work.  We could maybe put her in the spare bedroom but it's right across the hall from Olivia and wouldn't be much of a buffer.  So we end up just letting her wander around the loft (upstairs family/TV room) until she falls asleep on the floor and then I put her in her crib.  But now she knows that all she has to do is throw a fit and she'll get to stay up.  We can't win.

Saturday, November 7, 2009


First of all, what 19/20-month old drops her nap???  Isn't that supposed to happen sometime after 2, if not 3 or 4?  Seriously, Kayley.  OK, so maybe she hasn't dropped it completely, but more often than not she doesn't take a nap.  Including yesterday.  No biggie, I'm getting pretty used to it and it's kind of nice to have a little one-on-one time with her.  BUT, then she proceeds to get up at 3:00 AM and not go back to sleep for a hour or so.  Sort of.  Here's what happened:

Kayley woke up around 3:00 AM.  I go in there and try my usual lay-her-back-down-and-rub-her-back-until-she-falls-asleep-and-then-quietly-sneak-out routine.  Not working.  So after 3 or 4 attempts (she would seem asleep, but when I'd try to leave she'd pop right back up and start fussing) I just got her up and let her play/wander in the loft while I laid down on the couch, the idea being that she would eventually fall asleep on the floor at which time I'd put her back in her crib and go back to sleep myself.  It's worked a time or two before but THIS time when she'd fall asleep and I'd attempt to transfer her to her crib, she would immediately stand up in her crib and start fussing.  Now, if she wasn't a twin, I'd just let her cry for a few minutes and she'd finally fall asleep.  But with twins I can't do that (except when I first put them to bed at night because they're both still awake) because she'll wake up her sister.  So I kept getting her up and let her fall asleep on the floor again.

After the second or third time falling asleep on the floor, I had resigned myself to the couch for the remainder of the night but first I wanted to pop on the computer for a second at which time Paul came out of the bedroom, saw Kayley asleep on the floor and attempted to put her back in her crib.  Guess what?  She stood up and started fussing and would not go to sleep.  So I got her up again and put her back down on her soft blankie on the floor.  By now Olivia was starting to stir from all the comotion of us going in and out of their room, but luckily she went back to sleep right away.  But it was about 5:00 AM at this point and Paul was about to just get up for the day and he started turning lights on and Kayley started to wake up for real but I knew that if we just let her be, on the floor, that she would go back to sleep and stay comfortably asleep until normal wake-up time.  So I convinced him to just leave her be, he went back to bed and I settled in on the couch and all was well until Olivia woke at 7:40.  So basically I was awake from 3:00 until about 5:15 (went to bed around 11:30), then slept on the couch from 5:15 off and on until 7:40.  And Kayley slept on the floor off and on from 4:00ish until 7:40.  Great night.  We had planned on taking them to the Children's Museum today but now we're too tired.

On a happier note, we met up with a neighbor and her 2-year-old at the mall's play area on Tuesday morning and had a great time.  It turns out that I could actually take the girls there by myself and be ok, so I'm really glad to know that I have that option.  I didn't think I could do it by myself but realized on Tuesday that it would be totally doable.  Then on Wednesday we went to storytime.  With the excpetion of last night, it's been a fun week.

Monday, November 2, 2009


This was the girls' 2nd Halloween but their first time dressing up and trick-or-treating.  We went to our friends' house where the guys took the kids trick-or-treating and the women stayed to hand out candy and enjoy some wine and girl time.  It was great!  Our girls are obviously a bit young for trick-or-treating but since we were with friends with older kids we just took them anyway and they did great and had a really fun time.  It's SO hard to get a decent picture with both of them in the same shot but here's the best I could do:

Blurry pic of Kayley as a Ladybug

Kayley, friends' daughter Lindsay (3) as a Monkey and Olivia as a Zebra


Olivia and Kayley