Thursday, September 22, 2011

First Dentist Appointment and New Bike

The girls had their first dentist appointment today and they both did great!  The got their teeth cleaned and flossed and Kayley even got an xray because she has one tooth that never came in, but the permanent one is there and should come in normally so we don't have to do anything.  The dentist suggested doing something fun afterward, and making that part of the routine with every visit so they have something to look forward to, which I had been thinking about anyway.  I kind of wanted to go to Starbucks for a pumpkin spice latte but didn't want them to have anything, especially sweets, right after their appointment since they had some flouride stuff painted on their teeth and were supposed to wait awhile to have anything to eat, so we went to the library instead, and then to the grocery store (thrilling, I know).

In other news, the girls got a new bike.  They had one "big girl" bike already, that was a hand-me-down from their friend Lindsay, and until recently Kayley was the only one who could ride it and Olivia would just ride her trike, but now they can both ride it great and they've been having to take turns which has been a huge pain and they fight over it all the time.  I knew there was no way we were going to survive until Christmas so I broke down and bought another bike a few days ago.  I thought that they would still fight over who gets to ride the new one, and they do a little bit but not too much, thank goodness.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Free Weekend

After listening to me whine about never having time to tackle a growing list of projects, hubby has generously offered to take the girls to his parents' this weekend, giving me the entire weekend to myself!  Well, almost the entire weekend.  They'll get back around 2:00 PM on Sunday and then we have a dinner with a few couples from our sunday school class at church.  But I'll have pretty much the whole weekend and I'm SO excited.  I have a huge list of things I want to get done or at least work on and I just know I will barely make a dent in it, but it will still be so nice to work on as much of it as I can.
So, I made a list of everything I would like to do (I know I won't get to it all) whether it's a project or just something fun and/or relaxing.
  • Purge/organize bathroom cabinets/drawers/linen closet
  • Purge/organize dresser (already did this!)
  • Order prints
  • Organize photos/put in albums
  • Scrapbook
  • Read
  • Clean/organize kitchen cupboards
  • Clean/organize fridge
  • Catch up on Say Yes to the Dress
  • Watch at least one movie
  • Purge/organize girls' closet and dresser - transition from spring/summer to fall/winter wardrobe
  • Start tagging items for the upcoming consignment sale
  • Get some things ready to sell on Ebay
  • Gather/organize things for upcoming garage sale
  • Download new music/make some new playlists
  • Shop!
And speaking of shopping, I have a whole list of stores I want to hit while I'm child-free.  The only problem is, if I spend too much time shopping it will significantly cut into project time so I'll have to really prioritize and try to find a good balance.

Anyway, they just left and I'm heading out shortly to go redeem Living Social vouchers at Ben Franklin (a craft store) and Whole Foods, then I'm going to spend the rest of the evening watching Say Yes to the Dress and reading my book and a magazine and hopefully start on one of the many above mentioned projects.  Ahhh...this is going to be a great weekend.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

One More Year

The thing about twins is that everything costs double.  Preschool is no exception.  Therefore, they are not going until next year, the year right before kindergarten.  And it seems like they are the only 3.5 year olds on the planet not starting preschool this fall.  There are lots of neighbor kids the same age as the girls and they all started preschool this week :(

I used to wonder what the big rush was anyway to put your kids in preschool the second they turn 2.5 or 3, depending on when their birthday is, since back in my day everyone just went the year before kindergarten, but now I get it.  They want that break!  Or, they're in daycare anyway so might as well maximze their time.  Anyway, I have another year to go before I can enjoy a few hours 3 times a week to run errards, go to the gym, get a latte by myself or with other moms, etc.  Ahhh, I can't wait.

Friday, September 2, 2011


I never got around to blogging about last weekend, which was super fun, so I'm going to combine it with a post about this weekend.

It started with a girl's night out with a good friend.  We went to an upscale mexican restaurant with a nice patio, perfect for sipping margaritas on a goregous summer evening.  I had butternut squash enchiladas which were delicious, with black beans and cilantro-jicama slaw.  Totally yummy.  I had never had jicama before and the only reason I even knew what it was was from watching "Chopped", he he.

After dinner we went up the street to the neighborhood wine bar and enjoyed a glass of wine on their patio, followed by dessert of salted carmel ice cream sandwiches.

Me and Jerri

Saturday we went with some friends and their daughter to Lake Tapps.  The girls had a blast swimming and playing with their friend.  Then we all went to dinner at the Rock and watched some of the Seahawk game.

Lindsay, Kayley, and Olivia with Mt. Rainier in the background (unfortunately hard to see in this photo).

All 3 girls

Sadly, this pic with me in a ponytail and no makeup after a day of swimming in the lake is one of the best of me and both girls.

Sunday after church, the girls helped daddy wash the car,

then after dinner we watched the Little Mermaid, which I'd never seen.

Now for this weekend.  We had been looking forward to gettting some projects done around the house, but the calendar quickly filled up with social activities instead.  Tomorrow we are heading up to MV for a last-minute, last chance get-together with my dad and stepmom before they head south for the winter (and fall and spring), then Sunday we're going to have some friends over for a BBQ and maybe go to Rattlesnake Lake with them (still haven't been!).  Monday is Labor Day and we don't have any plans other than to hopefully get some things done around the house and I'm picking a friend up from the airport in the evening.