Sunday, August 16, 2009


I wish I was a better blogger. I read (or occasionally glance at) several blogs, some baby-related, some not, and they have fancy layouts with all kinds of gadgets and 238 followers and the writing is magazine worthy and there's pictures with witty captions, etc., etc. Me on the other hand...well, I'm just so low-tech in the first place (I could barely figure out how to get this far), and in the second place it's hard to find the time. I'm always thinking of topics to blog about and come up with great wording in my head but then when I actually go to blog I forget or I start but then I decide I don't really have the time and then end up just writing a quick update or whatever. I also don't think anyone cares that the girls are doing this or that or wearing this size or saying these words. I don't care about those things when I read other baby blogs (which is probably why I do so infrequently). I think I really want to focus on the challenges of having twins, and I know I could come up with some interesting and funny stuff and post much better entries if I just took the time but there's always so much to do during the girls' naptime that I just don't get around to blogging much.

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