Friday, January 22, 2010

Locked Out

Now that the girls are old/big enough to open doors and/or play with the lock mechanism, I've been pretty careful to take precautions, such as shutting the pantry door behind myself, when I go out to the garage for whatever reason (you go through our pantry to get to the garage, and the door from the pantry to the main part of the house has a childproof cover-thingie on it to keep the girls out).  Yesterday, however, I forgot.  We were going to go for a walk and I took Olivia out to the garage and strapped her into the stroller and then went back for Kayley.  Usually we all three walk out together but for some strange reason I just took Olivia first.  Anyway, when I went back for Kayley, she had locked us out!  I don't know how many times I've thought to myself that we should keep a spare key in the garage (or hidden outside somewhere) but there wasn't one anywhere.  So I went to my neighbor's, who happens to be currently unemployed and home during the day, and borrowed his phone but I didn't have Paul's work cell # memorized (he only has his work cell, not a personal one anymore to save $) and my cell phone which contains his number was, of course, in the house.  So, I ended up calling some other number for somewhere in his company and after about 3 transfers was able to get ahold of him.  He came home and let us in.  Kayley ended up being alone in the house for almost an hour.  I was talking to her through the sliding glass door in the kitchen, trying to coax her to "lift the thingie!" to unlock the door, and then I would go back to the garage-to-pantry door and knock and I could hear her messing with the doorknob and I was just hoping she'd manage to unlock it but no such luck.  Ugh.  We will definitely be keeping a spare outside from now on!

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E said...

Wow! How scary! This is exactly why I keep telling my husband to make a spare key! I am so paranoid of getting locked out by accident! Glad everything turned out okay!