Tuesday, October 29, 2013

What I Do

So people have been asking me what I've been doing with all my free time now that the girls are in Kindergarten.  I have to say, the 4 hours just flies by, just like I knew it would.  I'll use last week as an example of a typical week.

Monday I just cleaned and did laundry pretty much the entire time they were gone.  Tuesday I volunteered at school with health screenings.  Specifically, hearing tests.  Remember in grade school when you'd put on some special headphones and have to raise you hand when you heard a tone?  I got to operate the little machine and mark the students with a pass/fail.

Wednesday I did a DVD workout, then went to Trader Joe's, and Thursday I went to the gym.  By the time I got home and showered I had about an hour to just check email/FB, etc.

Friday was my "long" day, where they were gone until 2:00 instead of only 12:35 (they only go to school every other Friday - their school has early dismissal every Friday so the AM and PM kindergarten classes just alternate Fridays and stay the whole time), so I went to Kohl's, which is about 25 minutes away, to exchange a dress for Olivia.  Then I went to Walmart to get Halloween candy and few other things since it's right near Kohl's.  When I got home from all that I had about an hour again so I just made lunch and got on the computer for awhile.

And that was my week.  So far this week I volunteered in their class yesterday, today I'm going to mostly do housework but also go to the library and pick up a few things at out little neighborhood store, tomorrow I'm going to Costco and maybe work on a project and Thursday I will help with their class' Harvest Party.  They don't have school this Friday.

I still have several projects that I haven't even touched in the almost 2 months since school started!  I keep saying, "next week for sure..." and it just never happens.

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