Friday, March 7, 2014

6th Birthday

We took the girls to Great Wolf Lodge for their birthday, which was February 28th.  That was a Friday, and they didn't have school that Friday because they rotate Fridays with the afternoon Kindergarten class.  So we left Thursday afternoon, spent one night and came home Friday.

It was really fun.  We had a Kid Kamp (or something like that) room, so it had a separate area for the girls made to look like a tent with bunk beds and their own TV.  They were going to share the top bunk but Olivia ended up moving to the bottom one because she was too squished.

Peeking over the bunk

They had something called Magi Quest or something where you buy these wands for $17.99 each and then go around the whole lodge pointing them at things to make them light up/say stuff.  They loved that more than the waterpark.  They did enjoy the waterpark, though, and late on the 2nd day, right before we left Olivia got up the nerve to go down one of the more intermediate slides and she loved it and did it over and over after that.

On Saturday the 1st they had a slumber party.  They had 6 friends come but only 2 spent the night.  We had pizza, then cake, then they watched movie and ate popcorn.  They finally went to sleep around 11:00 and got up at 7:00.  We had pancakes and waffles for breakfast and one of the girls who had gone home the night before came back for that.  Everyone had a great time, and it wasn't as bad for us (Paul and I) as I thought it would be.

Acting silly while watching a movie

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