Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Back to Work

So the plan has always been for me to go back to work once the girls are in school full-time, which will be this fall (right now they are in half-day Kindergarten).  Then about a month ago a former co-worker who now works for the same company Paul works for contacted me out of the blue with a job opportunity.  They offered the job, I accepted and I start on the 14th (next week is Spring Break for the girls otherwise I'd probably be starting sooner).

It is a temporary, part-time contract position, filling in for someone on short-term disability.  Right now it is set to end in August, but if this person ends up not coming back they will probably keep me on, so we'll see.  I'll be working 3 days a week, which I think will be a great transition from not working to eventually working full-time again.

I'm excited, but I'm also a little sad about the girls having to go to an after-school program when all they've ever known is being cared for by mom.  But they will only have to go 3 days a week for less than 4 hours so that's not bad.  It's the end of an era that I'm not quite ready for and thought wouldn't come for a few more months, but the opportunity was there and I needed to jump on it.  It's definitely going to be weird after not working for over 6 years.  Yikes.

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Heather said...

Good luck back at work!