Sunday, March 8, 2015


The girls turned 7 on February 28th.  We had their party at Mudhouse Pottery Painting.  It was really fun.  This was the first party that wasn't just at our house, so it was really easy.  I ordered a cake from someone I found on Facebook (that I later found out is the mom of a girl they know from school) and we just brought some pizzas, fruit, juice boxes and our paper products.
They had the table all set up with painting supplies and each girl got to choose which figurine to paint.  They all had a great time and Kayley and Olivia got a neat plate signed by all their friends.

Kayley in the middle

Olivia 2nd from left

The cake

I found some zebra print gift bags at the party
supply store to match the zebra-striped cake

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MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

What a fun party! We have a pottery place here, and I love to take the girls. I was just thinking, I wonder if they'll be old enough next year for a party there? (I've thought briefly about it a time or two before...but was too nervous with the kiddos being youngers...bulls in china shops, ya know?)

Happy 7th birthday, Olivia!
Happy 7th birthday, Kayley!