Friday, April 17, 2015

First Grade is Exhausting

I don't know about the girls, but 1st grade is wiping me out!  I get home from work between 6:15 and 6:30.  Dinner is usually waiting for me (I feel like a husband in the 50s) and Paul and the girls have usually just finished.  Sometimes they wait for me, but that's pretty late for the girls to eat so it doesn't bother me if they eat earlier.  After I/we eat I clean up, and by then it's about 7:30.
The next hour is just a whirlwind of getting things ready for the next day and helping the girls with their homework.  Sometimes they've already done it by the time I get home, but even then they still have 20 minutes of reading every night and lately it seems there is always some project or another that we have to help them with.  I feel like I'M back in school and it's killing me.  I long to be able to just come home from work and chill and not have to spend the next 2+ hours cleaning and doing homework.  So different from when I was their age.  I never had homework until at least 6th grade, and then I did it myself.  But the girls had a minimal amount every week in Kindergarten (it was optional but we always did it) and now a slightly less minimal amount in first grade (don't get me wrong--I think it's good for them and I'm all for it).  I long for the day that they can just do their homework themselves (and it's not that I mind helping them, I just would rather use that time to make the house look like less of a sty or go to the gym for some much needed exercise).  But anyway, after homework and nightly reading it's always a battle to get them to get their pajamas on and brush their teeth and settle down and go to bed.  And I'm always just dying to get them to bed because I have a million other things I want to try to do in the next hour or two before I have to go to bed.  It's exhausting.


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