Friday, May 29, 2015

Not Excited About Summer

School is almost out and while I'm excited to no longer have to rush around every morning like a chicken with my head cut off in an attempt to get not only myself ready for work but both girls fed, ready for school and to the bus stop on time with all the proper homework/permission slips/lunches/projects and whatnot, I am also sad that they will have to spend all day every day with a babysitter (with a few exceptions, of course), awesome as she is.  It makes me sad that I won't be able to take them on outings to a lake or beach or berry picking or anything.  And the babysitter doesn't have her own car so she can't do those things with them either.  They will spend their summer playing in the backyard, at neighbors' and the park down the street.

There's still weekends, of course, so we can do some of those things then but we'll have to put up with the crowds.  And they will have camps, one week of a Girl Scout camp and one week of a YMCA camp (just day camps, not overnight), and a week at Crescent Bar with Grandma and Grandpa and our family vacation to Colorado to visit Paul's sister.  But when I think about all the fun things we used to do in the summer it makes me really sad.  I miss those carefree days of doing whatever we want.

Being in my first year at my job I only have 2 weeks of PTO (paid time off).  Everything I've accrued thus far I need for our Colorado trip, then I won't really be able to use anymore until after school starts.  Next year I should be able to take more time off and do some of those fun things.  Can't wait!

Stuff I'll miss this summer:

Going to lakes

Picnics in the park

The beach, except we'll still have that at Crescent Bar

Splash park

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MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

Oh, I feel you EXACTLY. This is the first summer that I'll be working and the girls will be home all day without me. My husband is a teacher, so he has the same schedule as they do. It's ideal in so many ways...except I WILL MISS THEM AND ALL THE ADVENTURES!!!

Hang in there!!!