Saturday, June 6, 2015

Recent Happenings

I need to catch the blog up on some recent happenings.

First, back in April we got a pet hamster.  The girls named her "Hammie" (although Kayley insists it is spelled "Hamy").  She's super shy and timid and won't let us pet or hold her, though, so that's a little disappointing but it's still fun to watch her run in her wheel.  She also has one of those plastic balls that you can put her in and let her run all over the house.

Second, Kayley finally lost one of her two front teeth.

Third, the girls got their ears pierced.


Fourth, Kayley lost her other front tooth.

Fifth, they graduated from Daisies to Brownie Girl Scouts.
And lastly, they had their first Gymfest at their gymnastics studio last night and Olivia got a first place medal and Kayley got a second place medal (it was one of those events where everyone gets a medal of some sort).




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