Saturday, July 18, 2015

Summer Camp

The girls went to summer camp for the first time last week.  It was a YMCA camp.  I thought they'd love it, but unfortunately it didn't go that well.

When I dropped them off Monday morning, I was informed that we still had some paperwork to fill out.  I thought Paul had taken care of all that but apparently not.  So I got it all filled out and finally left for work and all was well.  Then, instead of picking them up right away when he got home from work (he gets home around 3:40 and the bus was due back at the Y between 3:45 and 4:00), he left them there for awhile so he could do some things around the house.  We had paid for "wrap-around" care, thinking that we would need it a few of the days.  When he finally went to pick them up around 4:30 they were both crying.  I guess most of the other kids (maybe all of their fellow camp kids) were picked up right away and they were upset to be left there, even though there were activities and what-not.

So Kayley whined all Monday evening and Tuesday morning about not wanting to go.  She was crying the whole morning on Tuesday as we were getting ready and having breakfast and all that and then when we got there and I went to sign them in she stayed by the car and refused to leave.  I had to literally drag her over to the waiting area (they took a bus to a different location) and then she tried to break away and run back to the car.  It was a nightmare.  I had to stay with her until it was time to get on the bus and then I could finally leave for work.

Wednesday and Thursday were better and by Friday she was tear-free, as it was the last day.  Each night she would excitedly tell me about everything they did and she seemed to really have fun but for some reason she just didn't want to go come morning.  She would just prefer for me to still be home with them and not have to go to work, bottom line (her and me both!).

It was a rough week.  It was like school all over again, making lunches the night before, rushing around every morning getting all three of us ready, etc.  They are supposed to go to a Girl Scout camp in August and now I'm worried about how that's going to go.  I hope it's goes better.

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