Monday, August 10, 2015

WW One Month Update

Thursday was the one month mark since I started Weight Watchers and I was down a respectable 6.2 pounds.  But today was my WW weigh in and unfortunately I'm only at -4.2 by their records.  I get weighed at noon so I a) am fully dressed and b) have eaten one or two meals and drank lots of water and coffee.  Plus, like most weekends, I probably gained a little bit.  I hate weighing on Monday, but on the other hand it helps to keep me from going too crazy on the weekends.

I'm a little frustrated that at 5 weeks in I still haven't got my 5-pound sticker.  I mean, all of my 4.2 loss was in the FIRST week, and since then I've just been bobbing up and down.  Here's how it breaks down:

Day of first meeting I weighed at home.  Went to the first meeting and had first official weigh-in.  Exactly one pound more than at home.

Day 2 - reweighed at home and was down 2 pounds.

Day 3 - weighed again and was down another 0.8.

Day 5 - weighed again and was down 1 more pound.

2nd WW meeting (Day 8) - At home down another 1.4 for a total of 5.2, but on their scale I was down 4.2.

Day 11 - down 1.8.

Miss WW week 3 due to vacation.

4th WW meeting - Up 1.8 pounds at home, I think 2.something at the meeting.

Next day - reweigh at home, down 1 pound

Next day - down another 1.2.

5th WW meeting (Aug. 3rd) - didn't weigh at home, stayed the same on their scale.

Aug 6th, one month in - down 1.2 for a total loss of 6.2.  Grrrr.  Totally could have been 8 or 9 pounds in not for vacation and just my normal slip-ups.

Today, 6th WW meeting - didn't weigh at home, down 0.8 there putting me right back to -4.2 where I was after week 1.  I just went in a big circle!  But I'm pretty sure if it weren't for WW I would have gained back all of the 7 pounds I initially lost instead of just a few.

I WILL get that 5-pound sticker next week!

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