Saturday, May 21, 2016

Olivia's New Room

A few months ago we moved Olivia out of their shared room (now just Kayley's room) and into her own room that was formerly our office/guest room.  So far, we have painted the room a sea green color and purchased another dresser, a bookshelf (that we have yet to put together) and two nightstands (one for each room.  They never had one before because there wasn't room).

Her picture of a lemur for her African animal project at school

We're going to replace this dollhouse/bookshelf with a more grown-up bookshelf
(the aforementioned one that we bought and haven't put together yet) and we'll eventually put a desk here

Olivia kept the same bed but Kayley traded hers in for what was formerly the guest bed, moving up from a twin to a full and thus getting all new bedding (and a new frame).  We offered to get Olivia a full also but she is happy with her twin for now, but we did get her new bedding as well.

New bed frame and bedding

The mattress sits too high and covers this bookshelf, but I think it's because we're not supposed to use a box spring with this one.  So next trip to the dump we'll get rid of it and then it will look better.

Same dresser, new light from Ikea

New bedding and nightstand

Cool storage shelf

Another new lamp from Target

And this is where the desk will go when we get one.

So it's getting there, but we still need desks, curtains, wall art and other final touches.

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