Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Mid-Winter Break

The girls are on mid-winter break this week.  I simultaneously love and hate school breaks.

  • I don't have to make lunches the night before
  • I only have to get myself ready in the morning, not supervise the girls or fix their breakfast.
  • No homework
  • Usually no after school activities (gymnastics, music lessons, etc.)
  • Finding childcare.
  • Girls staying up later (less "me" time).
I finally have a teeny bit of PTO built up (mostly saving for our cruise this summer and for sick days) so I was able to take today off (yesterday was a company holiday) and Paul has Friday off.  So we just needed a sitter for 2 of the days but so far we only have one for tomorrow.  But if worst comes to worst I can take another PTO day or a personal holiday on Thursday.

Anyway, we've had a fun few days so far.  Yesterday we broke out some new painting supplies and had a fun painting session.  I just looked on Pinterest for inspiration and ended up painting this flower.

I think it turned out pretty good considering I'm a total novice.  The girls did good too.

Then today was another fun but busy day.  We had to take one of the cats to the vet for her annual checkup (Paul took the other cat yesterday), then we went to Starbucks.  Their smoked butterscotch is my new favorite drink.  It's so good!  I'm a sucker for anything cararmel or butterscotch, so no wonder, but yum!  Then we went to a pottery painting place that just opened in our neighborhood over the weekend.

After that we went out to lunch at Subway, and then to the party supply store for goods for their birthday party this weekend.  Then an orthodontist appointment for Kayley, and finally back home.

Back to work tomorrow after 4 days off :(

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