Friday, August 17, 2018


School starts in 12 days and for the first time since returning to work 4+ years ago I'm not quite ready for summer to end.  Almost, but not quite.  I've hated summers in recent years due to the stress of childcare and feeling sad and guilty about not being able to do fun things with the girls, plus enduring all of the 80-something to over 90-degree days without A/C (we at least have them in our bedrooms now).  But with my shorter commute and more PTO they are getting better.  Next summer should be the best yet because I will work from home 2 days a week, Paul will take most Mondays off and the other 2-3 days a week we will just let the girls stay home alone and I will come home on my lunch break to check on them, plus there are plenty of neighborhood moms (that either are stay-at-home or work for the school district) that can keep an eye out.  Also I will finally have enough PTO built up that I can maybe take a whole week off and not go anywhere but just hang around home and go to the lake and what-not (in addition to other time off for our regular summer vacation/Crescent Bar, etc).

Anyway, I usually recap our summers week-by-week, but just never got around to it this year.  Instead I'm going to break it into July and August.  So here was our July:

We spent the 4th of July holiday hanging around home most of the day but in the late afternoon we went to our neighbor’s for a barbeque.  There were fireworks for the kids (all of whom are now old enough to shoot them off themselves with adult supervision) and then at 10:00 our community has a big fireworks show every year at a park, so we went to that.  The next day we went to Crescent Bar and stayed through the weekend.

July 5th was Kona's 1st birthday!

She got some birthday treats which she didn't even like :(

A few weeks later the girls and I went camping with a few friends.  Just moms and kids, no husbands, so Paul had a weekend to himself.  We went to a campground only 25 minutes away with a nice pool.  It was a fun little getaway but I don’t think I took a single picture.

A few days after that our sitter went on vacation so Paul took those days off and took the girls and one of their friends to Crescent Bar.  I still had to work, but I enjoyed having the house and time to myself in the evenings.  They got back on Saturday the 28th and then on Sunday the 29th we left to go camping.  We went to Lake Cushman and it was so beautiful with the Olympic mountains all around.  We swam and floated in the lake a lot and they had a cool rope swing the girls enjoyed.

Other than losing Kona for about 20 minutes it was a great time!

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