Thursday, February 14, 2019

Snow Day #6

First, we got about 10 inches of snow on Superbowl Sunday.  School was closed that Monday and Tuesday and they had a 2-hour late start on Wednesday.  Then last Friday it started snowing again and didn't stop until Monday and then snowed some more off and on until yesterday.  I think we got about two feet this 2nd time.  School has been closed ALL week, this being the 6th total day so far and tomorrow will be the likely 7th.

I've been working from home all week which has been difficult with them being home all day and running in and out and having friends over and what-not.  I finally decided to just take today off and actually spend some time with them.  Plus I could really use a day to get caught up on some household stuff and projects and I need to start packing for our upcoming trip to Disneyland/Universal Studios/Knott's Berry Farm.

Neighbor girl was helping us shovel our driveway

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