Friday, April 12, 2019

11th Birthday

The girls turned 11 on February 28th.

They wanted to have separate parties this year.  They're tired of having to share a birthday and it's become increasingly difficult for them to agree on what to do.

Olivia wanted to have 3 or 4 friends spend the night and make slime.  Easy.  4 friends came for pizza and slime making, but only 3 spent the night.

Kayley wanted to take 3 friends to the Cheesecake Factory in Seattle and then to Wings Over Washington (similar to Soarin' Around the World (formerly Soarin' Over California) at Disneyland).  Paul had to stay home with Olivia (who, of course, wasn't invited) so I took them by myself.

The Harbor Steps, on the way down to the waterfront

The famous Gum Wall

Fun times had by all!

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