Thursday, May 16, 2019

Recital Week

Olivia's dance recital is coming up this Saturday so this week is the crazy week.  It started with picture day last Saturday.  First she had a dress rehearsal from 10-12 and then photo sessions scattered throughout the day (one for each of the 3 classes she's in).  The first photo session was at 12:30, then another at 1:30 between which I ran out and grabbed her a sandwich from Jersey Mike's because there wasn't enough time for her to leave since she had to change costumes and what-not, then she had a break until the last one at 4:15.  This one was longer, an hour, because it was Dance Troupe, which is the group that does a big production every year.  This year is Beauty and the Beast.

Here was/is our schedule for this week:

Monday - nothing.  Instead Paul and I were able to go out to dinner in celebration of our 13th wedding anniversary.

Tuesday - Rehearsal for Beauty from 4-6 (normally not home from school until 4 but Paul is home early enough he was able to pick her up from walking home with a snack in the car and take her there barely in time or a teeny bit late), then Ballet from 6:45-7:15.  I showed up at 6 with dinner so she could eat in-between.

Wednesday - same except Jazz from 6:45-7:30.  I picked her up at 6 and took her to Subway for a quick dinner before taking her back for Jazz, then I walked Kona around the park while I waited.

Thursday (today) - Jazz rehearsal at 6:15, Ballet and 6:30 (or maybe it's the other way around) and Beauty from 7-9ish, probably closer to 9:30 or even 10.  I am volunteering so I will be there the whole time.

Friday - Just Beauty from 7-9ish.  Easy.

Saturday - Recital Day!  The recital is actually made up of 4 separate recitals and she is in the last 2 so she doesn't have to be there until 2:30 which is so nice.

In addition to the above, I've been busy buying supplies, food for the dancers backstage, ironing costumes, having costumes altered, etc.  It's one of those busy weeks that I HATE but of course some of it is fun and the recital itself is always great.  I will be glad when it's all over, though!


Jazz (I missed my opportunity to snap it in front of the background)

Olivia's ballet class

Olivia and friends.  Olivia (right) is a teacup

Beauty and the Beast cast

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