Friday, May 15, 2020

Mother's Day and Anniversary

We had a great Mother's Day.  We decided to break the social distancing guidelines and go to the in-laws.  But first, the girls made me breakfast in bed!

Not a mimosa, but peach Izze and orange juice, scrambled eggs, bacon, apples with Nutella, and a Balanced Breaks (cheese, nuts and dried cranberries).  No, I didn't eat it all.

A lot of local shops were posting on social media about curbside pick up for Mother's Day goodies, so in an effort to support my favorite local gift shop I had Paul order me a gift basket.  So fun.

Also, in my effort to support local, I ordered a bouquet of flowers from a local flower grower for Paul's mom, as well as a variety box of fudge from a local candy shop.

At the in-laws, we had a snack of chips and salsa, fruit, and veggies and then we went for a walk.  Paul's parents walked with us for awhile but we were planning on going much further, all the way to the water (probably about 2 miles one way, give or take, so not super far) but the girls didn't have very good walking shoes on and it was pretty hot so they wanted to turn around.  I really wanted to let Kona run on the beach but oh well.  When we got back we barbequed steaks for dinner, then had some yummy cake for dessert and headed home.

Wednesday was our 14th Anniversary!  We had planned on taking Thursday off and spending the night at a fancy lodge and spa overlooking Snoqualmie Falls, about 7 minutes from our house (with the girls staying at a friend's house), but obviously that didn't work out so instead we ordered take-out from a local Italian restaurant and spent the evening at home with the girls.  But they did go out and ride their longboards for awhile so we had some alone time.  Then we watched a random movie on Amazon Prime (Case 39 with Renee Zellweger and Bradley Cooper.  It was really good).  Next year is the big 15 so hopefully we can do a little more!

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