Friday, October 31, 2008

A Typical Trip to the Store

If you're wondering what it's like to have twins, I'll use a trip to the store for a small taste. First, when I decide I want to go out I start by making sure both babies are changed and fed, then I have to pack the diaper bag (mostly already packed but I fill bottles with water and pack the formula or might need to add a few diapers or whatever). Then I have to get myself ready, i.e, put on a little makeup, socks, shoes, pee, grab a coat, etc. This can all take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour and a half. When that's done, I get the carriers out of the pantry, put socks (they would normally already be wearing socks but they never stay on) and a jacket on one baby and strap her in. Repeat with the other baby. Then, since it's too hard to carry both carriers and the diaper bag at the same time, I take one baby and the diaper bag and carry them out to the garage. Then I go back in the house for the other baby. I get one baby in the car, go back to the garage for the other, get her in the car, then grab the diaper bag and we're off.

Once we get to the store, I get out of the car, get the stroller out of the back, set it up, get one baby out of the car, strap her carseat onto the stroller, get the other baby out, strap her carseat on, hang the diaper bag on the handlebar and away we go. Once inside the store, I'm limited to what I can buy--it has to fit in the basket of the stroller because obviously I can't take a shopping cart.

When we get back to the car it's the same all over. One baby unstrapped and detached from the stroller, into the car, other baby unstrapped, detached and put in the car, fold up the stroller, put that in the car, and we're headed for home. What an ordeal. When I see the other moms with just one I'm so jealous!

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