Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving and 9 Months

Thanksgiving was the twins' first, and my first hosting! It was so fun to finally be able to use all the wedding china and stemware. We had a small group--just us, Paul's parents, his sister and her friend. I made stuffing for the first time in my life and luckily it turned out pretty good! The girls got their first taste of mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes (of the non-pureed variety) and pumpkin pie. No turkey, though, as they still don't really have the hang of finger foods.

Friday we started decorating for Christmas, and yesterday we made what will be the annual Thanksgiving Weekend trip to the tree farm for the Nelson Family Christmas Tree. It was kind of rainy and the girls got a little wet and fussy, but overall we had a fun time.

Friday was also the girls' 9-month birthday. Olivia is finally crawling and is much less fussy--thank GOD! She's been pretty frustrated lately with her lack of mobility and her frequent whining was grating on my nerves! The last few days she's been much more content. Kayley, always one step ahead (this time quite literally), has mastered stair climbing. The other day I had run upstairs briefly to get something and when I came back down she was half way up! I about died. Good thing she didn't fall! Later that day I let her climb all the way up with me right there just so I could actually watch her do it. It was cute. So, now we gate the bottom of the stairs in addition to the top. But how we're going to keep them away from the Christmas tree we have yet to figure out!

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