Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Finally a Nice Day

After a week of cold, rainy and snowy weather we finally have had a few days of warm sunshine! Yesterday I decided that instead of doing my 30 Day Shred workout after breakfast I would move up our usual afternoon walk and then use the afternoon to just play outside instead. Around 9:30 I put the girls in their cribs so I could make the bed and get dressed and when I went to get them Olivia was asleep! Weird, as they have been down to one nap from 11:30ish until 2:00ish for quite some time now. So, instead of going for a walk Kayley and I just had some good one-on-one time and when she went down for her nap at the normal time, Olivia woke up. I thought I was doomed to a no nap-overlap, no-break-for-mommy kind of day, but for some reason Kayley only slept for a half hour, meaning they would both need another nap later in the afternoon. We ended up finally going for our walk around 12:30 and then playing in the yard for awhile after that.

Today they are back on their normal nap schedule and we walked this morning after breakfast and will play in the yard when they wake up. It's so nice being a stay-at-home mom on days like this! I love it!

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