Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Last Friday I took the girls to a free Gymboree class. They loved it and had a blast! It was very challenging for me, however, to get them to and from and manage them during. Normally I would use a stroller but I didn't want to put them in the stroller to walk the short distance from the car to the building, plus it was only a single wide door so it wouldn't have fit through. See, going to Target or Fred Meyer is easy--I park right next to a cart return so I can grab a cart/return the cart without having to take more than just a few steps from the car (I literally can still touch the car as I'm returning the cart). I put them in, go into the store, do our shopping, go back to the car, put them in the car, return the cart. But other places are a little more challenging. For the Gymboree class, I parked, got one baby out, carried her around to the other side of the car and put her down to get the other baby out, trying all the while to hold her in place with my legs to keep her from running off, then tried to carry one while the other walked holding my hand, but half way there she stopped and wanted to turn around so I ended up carrying them both, along with the diaper bag. We finally get inside and the class starts and they have this circle time when they're supposed to be on my lap or in front of me, but there are two of them and only one of me so the teacher had to do everything with one or the other instead of the props (puppets, etc.) she would normally use. Anyway, it was still fun.

Today I was going to take them to story time at the library, but I couldn't quite get everyone ready in time so we went grocery shopping instead. I wanted to use one of those "car" carts instead of a regular cart because when I use a regular cart, I have to put one of the girls in the main basket of the cart because only one will fit in the front child seat (well, they'd both fit but there are only 2 leg holes) so then there's not much room for groceries. So I had to, again, get them out of the car one at a time, putting one on the floor of the car while I got the other out so she couldn't run off, and then walk to the store carrying one and trying to let the other walk holding my hand, but again, she stopped halfway there and I had to pick her up and carry them both the rest of the way and then I had to get them strapped into the cart one at a time while trying not to let the other run off (I guess I could've put her in the main basket just while I was strapping the first one in. Duh. Just thought of that). Anyway, we finally get situated and into the store and I had to pee. Those carts are really long and it was really hard to get through the bathroom door, and then it wouldn't fit in the stall, of course, so I had to leave them outside the stall. While I was in the stall and they were out there alone someone walked in and they started crying! I hurried up and got back out there and they calmed down and then I almost couldn't get the cart back out through the bathroom door (long cart + 90 degree turn). Ugh. I sometimes feel like I'm the only mom of twins that has these struggles (of course, I can't be) because everyone on the message boards I read is always saying how great it is having twins, wouldn't change a thing, blah, blah, blah. I mean, some do say it's really hard and all but I rarely see anyone complaining about all the challenging things I'm complaining about. Maybe I'm just a big whiner and need to buck up and just be grateful I have these girls at all. No really, I really do love them to death and really am very grateful, but there are people out there on the aforementioned message boards that actually want twins and want to know if there's anything they can do to increase their chances of conceiving them, and I just think to myself, "if they had ANY idea..."

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